Monster Worldwide Inc Sells Over 14,000 Domains To

I was informed that Monster Worldwide Inc. has sold 14,300 domain names in a bulk deal for “six figures” that mainly relate to school/education domains and the buyers were Endurance/ based on whois records.

Also based on whois records, owns around 24,000 domain names, so that is about 58% of its domain name portfolio it has sold in the deal.

Since the exact purchase price is not known, the price per domain would be fairly low if the numbers are correct. Even if the portfolio of 14,300 domain names sold for a half of a million dollars, that would pin a number of about $35 per domain (which is reg fee at Network Solutions for an example), which seems low in general. I have also heard that this education domain portfolio was being shopped.

Here are a few of the domains that I was made aware that have sold in the portfolio deal:

Monster Worldwide Inc. is a publicly traded company on NYSE: MWW and is a jobs related service.

Over the past several days, the domain names have been moving over to

Hat tip: James Booth

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3 thoughts on “Monster Worldwide Inc Sells Over 14,000 Domains To

  1. got a smoking deal. Just the domains you listed hold great value. and are stellar domains.

    Thanks for reporting this transaction. Interesting mix of education domain names.

  2. It looks like still owns, which is a great edu name that they have had since the 90’s. Our original site was on before we purchased and we would have loved to own but I could never get a response from Monster. (We no longer own

  3. This sale is depressing if the names you listed are representative of the whole portfolio. Makes no sense pricewise and way underpriced. Hopefully, the rest of the portfolio was crap to justify the low price.

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