GoDaddy’s New Portfolio Purchase Includes 17+ 2 Letter .com’s

After I broke the news yesterday that had purchased another domain name portfolio, I didn’t have a lot of information at that time. I still do not, but there is one thing I can confirm.

The Elite Domains Group portfolio purchase by GoDaddy included at least 17, two letter .com domain names that I can confirm are now owned by GoDaddy.

That is 17! is another potential two letter .com that would push the number to 18 but that one hasn’t changed whois records, nor is it listed on NameFind. Of the 17 above, they have either changed whois to show NameFind LLC or are listed on directly.

Minimum wholesale value on 2 letter .com domain names is north of $500K, with most selling at or near the 7 figure mark.

Still not known at this time: How many domain names total were included in the purchase.

That is the main question that is still unanswered but I was told by GoDaddy yesterday that the COA (change of account) was going to test the limits of its system. The problem, I didn’t see a huge amount of change yet using several different tools. There were several hundred domains that have changed mainly from privacy at GoDaddy to NameFind LLC. The majority of DNS changes have not taken place, but most will be changing from RookDNS to NameFind.

Once these changes take place, we can have a better idea of the quality and quantity of the portfolio purchase. It’s starting out to look like it could pass the $28 Million (Marchex) and reported $35.5 Million (Worldwide Media) portfolios.

There is pretty strong potential that this domain name portfolio of Elite Domains will contain a lot of “chips” (Chinese Premium) domain names and common popular domain names like 2, 3, 4 and 5 letter .com domains. A fair amount of 3 character .com’s. One word .com domains, two word .com’s and a lot of 3 letter .net domains, 3 letter .org, 2 number .net and .org, 2 letter .net’s etc.

I would expect in the next coming days that we will get a better idea of the volume of domains that were included, as GoDaddy expected the COA to complete by today. It then takes a day or two for systems to process and reveal. So more to come, but I wanted to put some light on this portfolio purchase that it could be a big one!

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6 thoughts on “GoDaddy’s New Portfolio Purchase Includes 17+ 2 Letter .com’s

  1. If their 100+ 3 L domains were included in this deal then it is very probable that we witnessing the biggest portfolio purchase so far in terms of purchase price..

  2. We are coming off an epic run of Chinese letter domains, why wholesale to godaddy when such names were dreaming insane premiums a few months ago?

  3. Daniel: That wouldn’t be correct, given the Marchex transaction of 2004/2005 when they bought the Ultimate Search (Yun Ye) portfolio for $164 million.

  4. You are right of course, George.
    I had completely forgot about that Marchex transaction back then which will very possibly forever stand as the largest Portfolio purchase ever..

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