GoDaddy Domain Discount Club IS Still Worth It!

Last year around this time I wrote about GoDaddy Domain Discount Club and how I thought it was a good deal. Well, I still think it’s a good deal and even more now than it was last year!

In last years Domain Discount Club article I mentioned if you use a 35% off discount code, you got DDC for about $55 bucks. Well, the service has nearly doubled in price (49% price increase), but with another 25%-35% off coupon you can still get it for around $77-$85 for the yearly membership. Yes it went up, but so did domain renewal costs!

Why is Domain Discount Club Worth It?

Today I had 18 .com domain names that I needed to renew for the month of June and renewal rates on the .com domains were $14.99 each plus the $0.18 ICANN fee putting the total at $273.06! Ouch!

So I did the math. I found a 35% off coupon to take the normal Domain Discount Club price down from $9.99/mo for 12 months ($119.88) to $77.92 + $4.29 Tax for a grand total of $82.21 for 12 months. The renewal rate for .com domain names with the DDC is $8.47 total.

$8.47 x 18 domains = $152.46

DDC total 12 mo. cost = $82.21

Grand total $234.67

Savings Today: $38.39 even after paying for the year DDC membership. Without the 35% off coupon code, today’s savings would have been a wash!

Future .com domain renewal savings? $15.17 / $8.47 = $6.70 per domain

In the end, I save $38.39 Today and will save about $884 in other domain renewals for the remaining 12 months at the current rate. So about $920 total for the year (for about 150 .com total domain name renewals)!

Is The GoDaddy Domain Discount Club Right For You?

Using the 35% off coupon code greatly helps reduce the cost of the DDC but even without using it (you save about $40 with the coupon, so use it) you will likely save money if you have at least 13 .com domain names that you are going to renew in a year. GoDaddy renewal coupon codes are basically non-existent when they were plenty in the past! Yes there are codes for new .com domain registrations and I advise you to use those even if you have DDC, as that is the one time I have seen an improvement even having DDC, but the DDC is 100% worth it for me with about 150 domain names.

I have only mentioned .com domain name renewals to this point, but you get reduced rates on more than just .com domains!

How to Order the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club?

Visit the Domain Discount Club page on GoDaddy by clicking that link, which will bring you where you need to be. Scroll down until you seegodaddy-domain-discount-club the the box to the right —->

Click the orange Add To Cart button and you will be on your way to saving some cash!

GoDaddy Discount Club Coupon Code

The coupon code? Please? This one worked for me today: IAP35NEWC

That is a 35% off code which you enter in at checkout at the bottom of the cart page. How do I find codes? I have shared it many times, but the fine members of love sharing and saving money, so always checkout the last page of this thread (836 pages currently) and also feel free to bounce back a couple pages if you can’t find the code you are looking for right away.


As you can see in the image to the right, also included with the Domain Discount Club membership is a “free” premium CashParking account and a “free” Godaddy Auctions account as well. Both do cost money, so if you use either, it’s still better than actually paying to use them!


Since I have been a DDC member for the last year, it has been really nice paying $8.47 per .com domain renewal… I’m tight on cash so I let the DDC membership lapse last week but I needed to renew 18 domains this month and was sticker shocked at the $14.99 + ICANN fee renewal rates today! It almost put me in panic mode really because it was nearly $300 to renew only 18 domains!

Although I wasn’t going to renew my DDC from last year, only for financial reasons, I was quickly reminded that it was the wise thing for me to do if I wished to continue to save money on domain name renewals.

So is Domain Discount Club right for you? I think you should consider it if you have at least 13 .com domain names that you will be renewing this year at! I will be saving around $920 by being a member of the club!

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  1. Plus you get 40% off base gTLDnew reg and renewals. For some TLDs, the discount on one domain is worth the price of admission alone!


    1. Thanks for the added info Paul! To note, the link “view price list” on the DDC main page does not work. I tried to view it to provide some info in the article but it doesn’t do anything upon clicking it.

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