In my morning discoveries for DotWeekly Discoveries, I ran into the domain name that was likely purchased by CSC Corporate Domains, on behalf of a client. I often reach out to the sellers but sadly do not hear back that often or they simply do not wish to share the story on the purchase, sale etc.

Well, Clark from ( was nice enough to answer my email back and here is the information he provided to help you learn and have knowledge of the steps taken by this seller.

I have been contacted on several times in the last 6 months through and one person inquired as to how the Escrow process works.

I informed them that the Name is listed on ALL of the following platforms at it’s $19,500 Buy Now price;

I inform everyone that no Transactions happen directly through as we use / / / to handle the Transactions as the third party Escrow service.

Clark wouldn’t disclose if the contact came in the form of a phone call or via the contact form directly on the site but I’m sure he isn’t exactly sure which “buyer” it is right now either. The fact is, he has both options available.

Clark later stated

When I receive a “Lead/Offer” on any Name, I immediately place a “Buy Now” price on that Name on all the platforms mentioned so that the price is 100% consistent no matter where the potential Buyer sees the listing. Remember, this is a “first-come, first served” business.  Whoever clicks the “Buy Now” price first and deposits the funds for the Name is the lucky individual / Company that will own the Name from that time on. You snooze, you loose.

The domain was purchased at Afternic and Afternic escrow was used to handle the transaction. This clearly is a good idea, because it is unknown if the potential buyer has used any of the services before, has read reviews on one service and so on. Options are always a good thing to provide to potential buyers!

A couple other five figure sales by include: $51,000 01/2012 $42,500 04/2014 $12,500 7/2014

I own the Finest & Largest Portfolio of 360 .com Domain Names in the World comprising 6600 ish Names.  I started registering 360 Names 10 years ago exactly, because I believed strongly that the 360 would be the recycling point of all the massive generic keywords in the World on the Internet.

Thanks to Clark for sharing his story and hopefully it helps you in some way! We will all have to wait at least a little bit to find out who the client was that purchased until whois updates from generic data or the domain resolves to a website but a couple potential buyers would be (Engineering 360 Inc.)

Update 7/30/2014: Well that was quick! Whois has updated today showing the buyer of was IHS Global Inc. (

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One thought on “ Sold For $19,500

  1. I like his tactic of placing a Buy Now at all platforms, haven’t heard it before and I think would help with my target audience. The companies whom paid good bucks usually have more than one employee chasing the domain each in their way, or the marketing agency and the client himself, consuming my time with the same one response.

    I liked also the fact that the buyer preferred although he had all other options to escrow the deal. I’ve been trying to add my domains there since I haven’t been getting enough offers lately on Sedo (Sedo lost a lot after Godaddy left them to Afternic), but apparently the Excel sheet for bulk add domains is not compatible with my Office 365!

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