Did Andrey Ternovskiy Sell ChatRoulette.com?

This morning I discovered some interesting domain name registrations that are pointing in the direction that the once very popular website ChatRoulette.com may have been sold?

First, this morning I discovered several new domain registrations and it’s “where” these registrations took place that makes me think there is something up and it may include a sale.

These following domain names were registered yesterday (7/29/2014) at CSC Corporate Domains (CSCGlobal.com)

  1. ChatRouletteSucks.com
  2. ChatRouletts.com
  3. iLoveChatRoulette.com
  4. Ā ChatRouletteCom.com

One connection with those 4 specific domains, is they were all previously registered, but why is CSC Corporate Domains registering them? Large companies use CSC Corporate domains, not your average Joe domain registrants that try to make pennies off of large websites.


Those 4 domain registrations are a very big clue. I do a lot of domain digging and this is “something”.

Generic whois information is the only thing included in whois for the 4 domain registrations, so that doesn’t give any clues as to who is behind the recent domain registrations.

Andrey Ternovskiy, the creator of Chatroulette is still shown as the “owner” of the ChatRoulette.com domain according to whois records, so why is CSC Corporate Domains registering similar / related domains to ChatRoulette?

ChatRoulette.com is registered with GandI.net and the last update was 12/3/2013 at which the domain was transferred to GandI SAS from Stargate Inc.’s Cloud Group Limited registrar. This could be another clue.

To note, from 11/27/2013 to prior whois was in privacy protection. From 11/30/2013 until now, the domain has been public, showing Andrey Ternovskiy in whois as the owner… this really doesn’t mean much (who’s “name” is displayed), because I can input Andrey Ternovskiy information into whois data for any domains I own.. The transfer of the domain and the public whois is interesting.

Something is up… and whatever it is, it likely took place right around that 12/3/2013 time period. With the CSC domain registrations yesterday, further cements that something is up.

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  1. HI Jamie, any luck with this? I would really like to get in touch with Andrey for a business opp (can’t seem to find a contact) and would appreciate any info you have.

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