EA Acquires BF4.com Battlefield 4 Domain Name

Electronic Arts has acquired the domain name BF4.com for the upcoming launch of the 13th installment of the very popular game Battlefield. The new BF4 game is set to launch in the fall of 2013.

EA isn't shy in using great domain names, as they simply use Battlefield.com for the "main" domain name for the games site.

The domain BF4.com sold for $550 in 2008 on the NamePros.com forum and was held by that buyer until early this year (2013) until a whois records change on 2/26/2013 to a Gary Warne of Australia. That is my educated guess as to when "EA" purchased it. As of yesterday (4/29/2013) the whois records updated to Electronic Arts Inc. as the owners.

At this time I wasn't able to dig up the price paid by EA for BF4.com, but I would think it was more than the $550 paid in 2008.

Battlefield 4

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