$60K Purchase of ComingTogether.com Was Coke

Yesterday I reported that the domain name ComingTogether.com was reported sold by Mike Mann on his Facebook page for $60,000 and today The Coca Cola Company is listed as the new owners in whois records!

Coming Together Coke

This clearly shows that companies will spend big bucks to own the exact match domain name for advertising campaigns! Here is the Youtube.com ad, which basicly talks about obesity and calories. At the end of the ad, Coke displays the domain name Coke.com/ComingTogether to visit and learn more. That URL redirects to LivePositively.com/ComingTogether

ComingTogether.com currently does not resolve at the time of this article but is hosted on Cokes servers. It is hard to say if they will again use the domain as a redirect or build a stand alone site on it. With the price paid for the domain, one would think they would use it for a stand alone site!

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8 thoughts on “$60K Purchase of ComingTogether.com Was Coke

  1. I just checked it and they do have a standalone site online now.

    To me, $60k is just an absurd amount of cash for that kind of a domain, even if you are coke.

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