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I have been frustrated lately as I have been working (trying at least) to work on a broken computer for a pretty long time. My computer monitor is going to poo and flashes… plus in general my computer is slowly dieing for an unknown reason and is really slow (dragging) etc. Plus I have been trying a ton of things to bring in some income and nothing has worked. I will continue trying my best but it’s getting harder and harder.

Anyway, here are some more domain name movers, most registered or purchased by large companies. I have been sticking in a feel notable domain sales that I see as well, that are not always large companies that have purchased them but may have. I am also sticking in domain related things that may be of interest or helpful. Here we go!

The Sporting Exchange Ltd ( has registered the domain name has been transferred to Time Inc. from a “” who had the domain registered at GoDaddy since March 2010. The domain resolves to iScoreSports and explains how to create a player spotlight, but seems like an old site. This appears to be a company purchase as several domain names lately that were registerd to the Faster Than Monkeys Inc. have transferred to Time Inc. It appears that ESPN mobile acquired iScore sometime around 2010 from the founder Brett Law. iScore is a mobile score keeping application for baseball, basketball etc. (I am working on a similar story on another company that I hope to put up tomorrow.)

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. has registered the domain name

1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC. has registered the domain name

The Procter & Gamble Company registered the domain name

Crayola Properties Inc registered the domain name and do not appear to own which has been registered since 1997. Likely for a subsidiary I would guess..

Unilever Plc has acquired the domain name from which had a listing price of $2,495 and was likely around the sales price. HugeDomains registered the domain name on 8/2/2013 on the drop.

New Venture Services continues to warehouse domain names and fuck it’s old customers by holding domains that expired for whatever reason and hold the domains randsom for an amount higher than the normal renewal fee right after expiring. They sold 3 of those domains yesterday at Sedo alone! $577, $877 and $777 . They also sold via Afternic. I wrote an article about New Venture Services, which is owned by and is a subsidiary.

I have been getting contacted for help A LOT lately from domain owners and one even had whois change to New Venture Services BEFORE the domain even expired. She has since got her domain back, but wisely transferred her domains out of Network Solutions, which is owned by I would advise you to do the same if you have any domains registered with / / Network Solutions or any of its subsidiaries. To note, the common name server these domains are transferred to is, which now holds nearly 750,000 domain names!!!! and I have seen them use other domain name servers, so that is not all of the domains! To give you an idea of how large that number is, has about 844,000 domains registered with them TOTAL and they have been in business a long time! has about 9.9 Million domains total from what I can see between registrars.

Most of what I see now, is domains are still going to the name servers of about 2 days after expiring but going under whois privacy and containing PERFECT PRIVACY, LLC instead of New Venture Services. I also noticed that it is very likely that New Venture Services is using the SRSPlus platform for the domains, which is the reseller service offered by them (NSI), but domains remain registered at NetworkSolutions for an example even though they appear to be going into a reseller account via SRSPlus!

Red Roof Inns, Inc. has acquired the domain name from, which I found interesting. I’m not sure if they have some kind of connection or not. which was registered 11/21/2014 via GoDaddy and currently has a message on the site that it will be launching in March 2015 had the domains | .org and .us registered with CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. all using generic whois data for the registrar. I’m 99.9% sure Disney is behind this as they have been registering “mix” related domain names lately and one that is a dead giveaway is which was registered on 3/3/2015.

Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc. has acquired the domain name and went guns blazing to buy the darn thing! The domain was listed with but they used the CSC secret buyer “[email protected]” which is displayed in whois on 12/5/2014 and then the law firm Sabin Bermant & Gould appears in whois on 12/26/2014 and now finally Advance Magazine now. They likely paid more in legal fees and domain buyers fees than on the domain!

Procserve Holdings Limited registered the domain name

Access Self Storage registered the domain name

LEAD SCIENCE, LLC was the buyers of the domain I had reported on earlier, which sold at Sedo for a very reasonable $4,010. has been sold at to an unknown buyer. Very nice domain and I think sold pretty cheap at $22,500 EUR ($24,809 USD). sold for $10,001 at Sedo as well, which is a pretty nice sale (dollar wise). Shiting is several locations in China. has been acquired by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International who used the law firm Pirkey Barber LLP when the domain was acquired on October 9, 2014. The domain was registered at Moniker

BBY Solutions, Inc. (Best Buy) hid (IMO) the domain name registration at GoDaddy when they registered the domain on 7/11/2014 but have not transferred the domain to MarkMonitor with the other 1,9– domains they own. is for sale currently and would be a good domain to own… if they plan on making a real push with the term!

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