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Welcome! Domain Movers is a series that keeps a close eye on company focused domain name transactions. We report these early findings to help companies around the world better understand the vast importance of domain names to your business and branding.

The following is a tiny sample of some recent company focused domain name transactions:

BuzzFeed, Inc. has transferred and out of MarkMonitor to under whois privacy. Did they sell the site? The fully developed website that offers candles related to specific states in the US is currently showing a routine site maintenance message. If one were to only see the site maintenance message, no red flags but since the domains transferred registrars, I question if it sold. BuzzFeed acquired as mentioned on DotWeekly in July 2017. I wasn’t able to find any press about the site selling. has transferred into MarkMonitor, using generic whois data. I would have to assume Amazon was behind it. The domain name has been registered since May 11, 2007. and both have cleared escrow, via Both domain names moved into escrow in 2016 and likely did 2 year payment plans on the domain name purchases with’s DN Holding. was acquired by Waft Perfume Inc. which offers personalized perfume and brands simply as Waft. was acquired for a new startup called Slab

E. & J. Gallo Winery acquired from its past owners for an undisclosed amount. The domain name has been registered since 2001. which DotWeekly broke the news in November 2017 that it acquired by Flir owned Lorex Technologies, has transferred to Amazon’s registrar under privacy, along with many other Lorex related domain names. The domain names transferred out of brand protection service MarkMonitor. Interestingly, is registered at Network Solutions (dangerous) but the majority (about 900) of the companies domains are registered with MarkMonitor. I’m not sure of the reason behind this move but there is likely a reason. has transferred into MarkMonitor from Network Solutions. The domain name was under privacy prior, so the owners are unknown. In 2013 there was a website on the domain name which stated the site was “part of the Amazon family” and that site stayed live until the end of 2016. Based on that info, I’d say that Amazon owns and consolidated the domain to its main domain registrar. has transferred into MarkMonitor using generic whois data and appears to have been acquired from for an undisclosed amount.

Xedoc Holding, SA has acquired in a transaction that took place at Afternic for an undisclosed amount. has been sold by Frank Schillings Name Administration Inc. to a currently unknown buyer. The domain name held a buy now price of $507,000 although the exact sales price is unknown. Buy Now Price has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from its past owners. The domain has been registered since 1999.

Target Brands acquired the typo domain name with the help of FairWinds Partners in a wise move.

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  1. is an outstanding brand name domain name for an end user like Amazon as it buys up more grocery store chains beyond Whole Foods.

  2., as a website, might get a lot of traffic. And visitors would LINGER. It’s all about the eyeballs. Good site for advertising.

    Slab … great name!

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