FLIR Systems, Inc. Acquires Domain Name

FLIR Systems, Inc. acquires domain name in a domain upgrade from

FLIR Systems, Inc. offers a popular security camera brand called Lorex by FLIR and is currently using the domain name but the company has acquired the exact match domain name from Veeco Instruments.

Based on whois history records, it appears the transaction took place around April 2017.

Veeco acquired Lorex Industries in May 2011, who owned the domain name.

FLIR Systems announced in October 2012 that they were acquiring Lorex Technology, Inc. and the transaction completed around December 2012.

Currently, remains the companies main domain name but I’d expect that to change in the near future. At this time, redirects to

The domain purchase was a wise investment to help protect the Lorex brand name as there are several other businesses using the Lorex name in some fashion (,, etc), “shorten” things up a bit and gives FLIR options.


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