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Welcome to Domain Movers!

We keep track of company domain name transactions and report these early findings to put a pulse on the domain name activities of companies around the world. These domain name transactions often reflect domain name upgrades, new brands, future advertising and marketing efforts and much more.

Here is a very small sampling of the latest detection’s over the past 24 hours:

Universal Music Australia has acquired The domain was owned prior by GoDaddy’s NameFind division. A website has already been launched on the domain, stating: Welcome to Zone Out – music without boundaries.

GoDaddy also sold, which held a $12,500 buy now price, as well as which was acquired by has been sold. The domain transferred to GoDaddy about July 9, 2017 and went under whois privacy. The domain has been for sale, with the asking price above $1.5 million. The buyers are currently unknown. has been acquired by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. from its past owners for an undisclosed amount.

AstraZeneca AB has acquired from it’s past owners for an undisclosed amount. The domain has been registered since August 30, 2001.

Renault S.A.S. registered The French automobile manufacturer owns about 2,500 domain names. has been acquired by Uber founder and co-founder of StumbleUpon Garrett Camp for a new startup call Mix (Mic Tech Inc.), as reported by George Kirikos via twitter and The domain has been registered since 1991 and transferred into corporate registrar SafeNames in early 2015. The seller appears to be Billy Youdelman Consulting, Inc. of Culver City, CA who has owned the domain dating back to at least 2001, which is the oldest whois history record available. Mix is coming out of Expa, which is Garrett’s other company that creates companies.

To note, Expa is on, which is also registered at SafeNames and was acquired in July 2012 via Sedo for $12,251. has been listed for sale by Amplify Education, with MarkMonitor handling inquires on the domain name. I didn’t see an offering price on this one but if you are interested, simply visit the domain and inquire on it.

Twitch Interactive, Inc. (Amazon) has acquired The domain was for sale via the Uniregistry system and has been registered since August 3, 2015. I did not see a UDRP filing for this domain. has been acquired by an unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. I had mentioned in an earlier article that an unknown company was making a big play on the term “Beyond Coal” and this was one domain they didn’t own yet. Mike Mann’s owns, which is listed for sale for $94,888 and will be the biggest test to see how bad the buyer wants it.

Viacom International Inc. has now acquired after acquiring which DotWeekly broke the news on July 17, 2017 about that premium domain name purchase. has been sold by Tucows, with the domain name transferring to GoDaddy under whois privacy and a coming soon page resolving on the domain. The buyers appear to be Greater Than Gatsby, LLC of Heath, Texas.

Square Enix Co., Ltd. registered and .net adding to the 460 other domains they company owns. The company is in Tokyo Japan.

The Dow Chemical Company registered the domain name adding to the 4,200+ domains owned by Dow. This type of domain is often used in a marketing or advertising effort to some degree, like a pamphlet, display sign, print etc.

Chegg Inc. has registered or acquired (potentially from the registry) . The domain doesn’t show a creation date in whois records but it does display Chegg. is also showing Chegg Inc. as the owner. Andrew from did a great article on .ai domain names.

The Proactive Company Sarl has acquired from its past owner at domain name aftermarket service Afternic.

Telepathy Inc. may have sold as it had some whois movement. The domain was 1 of 25 Telepathy acquired from as DotWeekly mentioned back on December 5, 2016.

Robert Bosch GmbH registered another group of domain names, hinting at a potential future product. They registered,,, and Based on this, it appears to be a RFID tracking tag/chip type product, similar to DeWalts Tool Connect and Tag inventory management system.

Verisign, Inc. registered two new domain names, and .net. Verisign is the registry for .com and .net domain names and essentially sells every .com and .net domain name registered at a registrar. Registrars pay Verisign the wholesale rate for each registered and renewed domain name they own rights to.

Absolut has launched a new ad campaign, Kiss With Pride. They registered the domain names and .net as DotWeekly noted on July 7, 2017. The domain name is being used to redirect users to the ad specific URL: . Absolut also does the right thing and used a server side 301 redirect with, so the domain name is indexed in search engines! Good job Absolut! The campaign also uses the #kisswithpride hashtag.

I have had a lot of people ask me about a “subscribe” feature to DotWeekly, most of the options available to do this are not that great. I am looking and will see if I can find something that doesn’t require a lot of lifting and I will update accordingly. All articles are posted to my Twitter Account and LinkedIn Account as well as on

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  1. Verisign regging might be yet another interesting scoop by Dot Weekly. It seems to indicate a possible play into the retail space and could also be a hint into their secretive plans for the dot web launch. That will be mighty interesting.

    They are likely working hard devising a marketing plan to quickly recoup the 135M cost of the dot web string. There’s no reason why dot web can’t approach the scale of dot net over time provided they avoid “premium renewals”.

    Seems that Nokta owns

  2. as always, thanks for the insightful report. I’m just trying out the subscribe feature and it seems I need to enter in a comment to subscribe. But maybe this is the feature to get notified on message on this post? I don’t see any other subscribe button.

    1. I will look into a better solution. This one seems confusing and isn’t the easiest. I just found it in the Jetpack and hoped it was better.

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