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Welcome, this is Domain Movers. We keep track of company related domain name transactions and report the early findings to you. Here is a very small sampling of the latest detection’s over the past 24 hours:

Dow Jones & Company, Inc. added to the nearly 3,000 domain names they own by registering and has been acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since May 2002. In general, a domain name like this is often for sale around mid $x,xxx but I wasn’t able to find a listing price on this one.

CBS Interactive Inc. changed name servers on, one of many great and valuable domain names they company owns. It is not clear if they are getting ready to use the domain in some fashion but they may be and the reason behind the name server change. The company owns over 14,000 domain names. has been acquired from BuyDomains by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. It held a $2,488 buy now price. Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co owns and is also a CSC client and would be a potential buyer.

Philip Morris Products S.A. which appears to have acquired, appears to be getting ready to do something with it, as they have set name servers to Amazon. Philip Morris appears in whois records on July 8, 2017 and the domain was prior owned by Cerha Hempel Spiegelfeld Hlawati Rechtsanwaelte GmbH. Philip Morris offers a heated, smoke free product called IQOS.

Unilever Canada Inc. registered 4 new domain names, none of which make any sense to me.,, and

Newdom Limited has acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed amount. GoDaddy also sold (SumUnity buyers) and in similar sales to other buyers. Crypto and Bitcoin related domains have been picking up steam lately.

Sealed Air Corporation registered and adding to the 970 other domain names they currently own. The company offers packaging solutions for products.

Patagonia, Inc. registered and adding to the 570 total domains they own, one of which is, which they have owned for many years. and were registered at MarkMonitor, likely for Airbnb but whois is currently generic.

Uber Technologies, Inc. has taken ownership of from Aptive Systems, Inc. ( who has owned the domain since around April 2013. Transfix has raised $78.5 million in funding since being founded in August 2013. To note, several media sources reference Transfix as the “Uber for trucking”. I did do a UDRP search on this domain but didn’t see a filing. The domain had been redirecting to, which redirected to

SAS Pro-IMMO has acquired from Frank Schillings Name Administration Inc.

Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. has acquired from its past owners China Capital Investment Limited (which appears to be owned by or tied to Mike Gleissner). has been acquired by an unknown CSC Corporate Domains client from its past owner. Interestingly, is for sale for $688 via BuyDomains and has not been acquired at this time. is owned by Evoserve Online at Network Solutions. is owned by CSC Corporate Domains client Pet Plan Limited, which is owned by Allianz Group of the UK.  Fetch, Inc. is listed on the site as well. Oddly, redirects to, even though they have owned for many years and it’s the main focus term on the site. has been acquired by Pelican Products, Inc. The domain was registered January 1, 2017 at GoDaddy and appears to have been acquired by CSC around February 9, 2017. Whois now reflects Pelican Products.

Rolex protects it brand very heavily. I often witness random domain names that “drop” and are then grabbed on the drop for Rolex for brand protection but nearly every domain is completely useless IMO. Case in point, was registered March 3, 2016 under privacy protection, expired March 3, 2016 and then dropped/removed from the registry and secured on the drop May 22, 2017 by CSC. The domain now shows Rolex as the owners. Simply a waste of money and would appear that CSC has “Rolex” set as a keyword and anything that contains it, is grabbed. I had seen a minimum of 5 “rolex” related domains being grabbed via CSC in one day for an example.

Sun-Maid Growers Of California are allowing to expire and has moved into RedemptionPeriod. The domain has been registered for 17 years by the company.

Eventbrite, Inc. has taken ownership of from Bold Inc. Eventbrite acquired Nvite in March 2017 and the reason behind the movement.

Diamond Resorts Holdings, LLC appears to be making a play on the term Yestories. whois just revealed the company on the domain that has been registered since October 2013. They also own the .org, which was owned by Trivergance prior with the .net and .info. was registered June 7, 2016 under privacy at GoDaddy and remains that way today. It is not clear currently if Diamond Resorts registered the .com under privacy in 2016 or if it’s owned by somebody else.

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  1. Good report, thank you. I’ve also noticed an upturn in crypto currency domain sales. Let a few crypto names go too cheaply last year…

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