Company Domain Movers From State Farm, Pepsi & More

Welcome! Here is the latest round of company domain movers that were registered, purchased or simply moving by large companies.

Here we go with the list:

Nokia Corporation, a domain I had discovered and mentioned in an earlier article, appears to be getting ready to be launched as a website, as domain name servers have been set to Amazon
hosting. This may be in connection to a new product launch.


Walgreens has went into heavy “defensive” domain registrations with the fact that they are looking into a tax inversion and moving headquarters to Europe and save about $4 Billion over the
next 4 years by moving out of the US. I’m sure they registered more domains but here is a good portion of the ones they registered.

CBS Studios Inc.

Acquired the domain name in some fashion. (legally or financially). The domain was parked with Sedo.

Johnson & Johnson

Registered several domains lately relating to “crowd funding” but relating to health care., were two registered.

PepsiCo, Inc

Registered the domain name likely for a promotion of some kind. The domain was registered before via GoDaddy, but expired on 8/22/2013.

esure Services Limited

Registered the domain name

Reed Exhibitions

Registered the domain . Again, this was a GoDaddy prior registered domain. The domain expired 8/10/2013.

i2i Events Limited (

Registered the domain name

State Farm

Has acquired the domain name for an undisclosed sum, on or about 2/20/2014. They are forwarding the domain name to . There is the potential that State Farm has
also acquired the domain The domain was owned by the same owner of… so the mDrive purchase may have been a play to acquire the domain and
it didn’t work? The owner of is a big time domain investor and I think it’s Marta Mulder

Mike Mann (

Sold the domain name for $40,000 as reported on his Facebook page. I would think the domain would be used by some streaming service.


MarkMonitor acquired the domain name for an undisclosed amount and undisclosed client at this time.

British Broadcasting Corporation (

Registered the domain name They also registered several similar domains like,, and

Wirecard Technologies AG (

Registered the domain name

The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

Registered several domain names and some of those include:

Very likely sold (about $3,388) a domain which sold via Sedo, for $1,500 from what I can see, is having a business built around it. Sweetheart Deals LLC was created and the .com is behind it. I was a
bit surprised to see this domian sell for $1,500… thinking it would have sold for a fair amount higher than that, but BuyDomains owned it and had it listed for $2,188 buy it now from
what I can see. The domain sold in early 2014.

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