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Welcome to another domain name diggings from DotWeekly Discoveries which I scour hundreds of thousands of domain names and pick out domains that have been registered, purchased or simply moving by large companies for one reason or another. The domains often lead to very early discoveries….

Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Appears to have purchased the domain name around June 21, 2013 from . The domain was registered at GoDaddy and transferred to the domain registrar MarkMonitor in December 2013 but retained GoDaddy domain name servers. has now switched over to MarkMonitor servers and redircts to Amazon Fresh and the sub-domain used by Amazon.

Promgirl LLC

Appears to have purchased the domain name on or about May 21, 2014. The domain appears to have been owned by former Epic Records president Charlie Walk of CWE Media. I wasn’t able to make a connection between Charlie and Promgirl but there could be one.

Promgirl also owns the site


Registered a lot of domain names, for products and likely future products… with names like Mighty Blaster, Royal Posture, Socket Dock, Twin Spin, Grocery Bag, Pool Pal, Grab Bag, Green Gobbler and the domains registered varied. They also registered related terms to the products like.. for Mighty Blaster but then registered domains like for an example. They often use terms like or but they also registered domains like or for an example. They also use terms like and will register (and sometimes buy) the exact match name of the product.

Telebrands was also behind several “Ebola book” registrations on October 7, 2014 and they are using to sell a book for $14.99 Plus $7.99 Shipping & Handling. To me, they are using scare tactics to push the book.

Reckitt Benckiser LLC

Registered the domain name

AstraZeneca AB

Has purchased the domain name from HLK ENTERPRISES,INC. which had the domain parked with and sold for a currently undisclosed sum. The domain was registered in May 2003.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, INC

Registered 14 domain names with the majority relating to pictures but also recipes.,, etc., and to go with the .com which is already owned, .

Canadian Tourism Commission

Registered the domain name . The plural is owned by Sabacci Enterprises, Inc. which was registered September 12, 2014.


Has made a defensive domain registration after the domain name deleted, they registered it.


A currently unknown MarkMonitor client has grabbed the domain name during the drop. The domain was registered at GoDaddy prior but expired in mid July 2014.

Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC

Registered the domain name

Time Inc. Affluent Media Group

Has used a secret domain buying service and purchased the 3 letter domain name from SecureTrading LTD for an undisclosed amount.

Bridgestone Brands, LLC

Registered several credit and credit card domain names which included,,,,, and and

Bridgestone does own which they have for a pretty long time. That domain resolves to the website CreditFirst National Association, which is a services credit card offering site, owned by Bridgestone Retail Operations.

Bayer AG

Appears to be doing a little defensive domain registrations and registered the domain names and

Neonicotinoids is a pesticide mainly produced by Bayer and a April 2012 article from links Bayer and Neonics to killing bees as stated in this article

Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH a domain name that I first reported sold by CBS  appears to be getting ready to be put to use. Other domains appear to be coming along for the ride and include:, .net,,, and were all set to new hosting. The domains currently do not resolve at time of posting this but I’m sure will shortly.

A domain name that was registered in 2009 by a Kiri Logan according to whois records and also a term Apple recently called its “side button” on the upcoming Apple Watch… has become the “Unofficial Apple Watch, Digital Crown & Apps Resource”.

Not a very smart move IMO if they were hoping Apple would come looking to buy the domain! The domain was moved to CloudFlare hosting.

Graphic Products, Inc.

Appears to have Leased to own or purchased the domain with a finance offer? from, Inc. The domain has switched to solely show Graphic Products in whois.


A currently unknown MarkMonitor client has purchased the domain name! was registered at GoDaddy and has been under whois privacy the majority of its life since 1996 but I did see a couple records in 2010 that showed as the owners. The domain was parked with but move to prior to switching back to whois privacy and remained until about October 2012 when DNS switched to a generic domaincontrol server and remained that way until selling.

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  1. unknown is now known. in fall 2014 we received a few inquiries and unsolicited offers for which i suspected came from insiders to a big company branding deal. Hilton bought (for how much?) and just launched its curio brand of hotels.

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