Doing some digging (it's what I do) I was able to uncover some domain names that have sold recently (likely for a fair amount) but went unreported likely due to an NDA. The following domain names have "clear" whois changes but were not reported sold for whatever reason. The sales took place via BuyDomains or Afternic. (if I am able to drum up an educated guess on I price I will post it by the name.) , new owner according to whois records is Ugur Ata. No guess on sales price , new owner according to whois records is Wireless Generation Inc. ($8,000 Thanks to Todd in the comments section), new owner according to whois records is Amazon Thunder Inc. ($22,000 Thanks to Todd in the comments section) , purchased for a buyer using the MarkMonitor service. (this domain was listed for $100,200.00 on BuyDomains… no clue what it sold for though) BuyDomains ? This one I'm not 100% sure about. It sold in 2011 for $8,640 to a "Chip Cable " and is now owned by "Matt Cable", different addresses. Matt Cable has a email address and Chip just a gmail address, so it could be a family/business that purchased it and they also happen to own

That is what I could dig up for now.

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  1.   $ 8,000

  2.   $ 22,000

    • I guess I didn’t dig enough 🙂 and my sources (NameBio and DomainTools) didn’t help me either. I forgot my “normal” search term to help, but just figured it out and found the two you provided.

  3. Its great to see your blog again Jamie.  Looking forward to some very informative posts like always.  

    • Thanks Patricia and Todd! Glad to be back and I hope I can find enough time to blog enough to keep you happy. Thanks for stopping by again!!!

  4. I'm glad you are blogging again…

    I've missed you. . .

    ~Patricia – DomainBELL


  5. Welcome Back Jamie! Looking forward to more of your blogging.


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