Kmart of all stores came up with a commercial that has gone viral and it's funny! I think of Kmart and the 80's, empty parking lots and brown shopping carts. I hate the color brown and the 80's were some 30 years ago.

Well, Kmart pulled a fast one on everybody and produced a commercial that grabs attention with the play off of a three word term! Ship My Pants

With a little "slur" and different accents, ship can sound like something you may step in while walking the pastures of a farm field. Here is the video that has been viewed over 2.5 million times at time of this article:

Funny Ship!

One thing you may have noticed in the ad, near the end… medium sized print of the hashtag #shipmypants and in very small print (not very wise) the domain, where you would have to go to ship your pants. Even better use would have been a large print of the domain name displayed in the ad!

Interestingly enough, the domain was registered 8/24/2012 and appears to be owned by a company that runs a tactical appearal and gear online store, not Kmart. The domain resolves simply to a HostMonster landing page.

To make things worse for Kmart, even if you do happen to see the micro text that is displayed in the ad (or heard the guy say, good luck finding any information upon visiting the site about shipping your pants. I looked all over and didn't see anything related to shipping my pants, shipping your pants or just shipping any pants! I just about shipped my pants! Not even a Ship Your Pants Here blue light special anywhere!

In the end, the ad is about Shipping and you can do that with "ship to store" for free or on orders $59 or higher are free or 3 months of free shipping. This is clearly highlighted on the top of the homepage but I would still do a play on Ship My Pants directly on the site, which they have not.

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