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This morning I made a discovery and noticed the domain name 2.co was listed for sale on GoDaddy’s NameFind website. After doing some more research, I noticed a large amount of premium .co domain names were listed on GoDaddy’s NameFind site on January 4, 2017.

After further research, I am confident that GoDaddy has acquired the premium domains held by the .co registry (likely ALL of the remaining ones they held). GoDaddy was not very “open” with these domains as … Read the rest

Breaking News: GoDaddy appears to have acquired yet another domain name portfolio and this time appears to be Traffic Names LTD!

Update: GoDaddy’s Paul Nicks confirms the purchase with the statement:

We can confirm that GoDaddy has acquired another great domain name portfolio. This is a high quality portfolio and will help deliver customers their ideal name. The seller asked we keep their identity private, so we will not be disclosing that information.

This morning I started to detect Traffic … Read the rest

Yesterday I mentioned that the domain name portfolio that GoDaddy recently acquired on April 1, 2016 had 17+ 2 letter .com domain names, well I was a bit low on that number and now have discovered at least 23 of them total!

The following 23, two letter .com domain names are now listed on NameFind.com, have a similar connection via whois and or have already transferred via whois to NameFind LLC. All of them are listed on NameFind and or … Read the rest

I was informed that Monster Worldwide Inc. has sold 14,300 domain names in a bulk deal for “six figures” that mainly relate to school/education domains and the buyers were Endurance/BuyDomains.com based on whois records.

Also based on whois records, Monster.com owns around 24,000 domain names, so that is about 58% of its domain name portfolio it has sold in the deal.


Since the exact purchase price is not known, the price per domain would be fairly low if the numbers … Read the rest