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This is a breaking news story and may be updated with further information at a later time.

The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. which had owned the premium 3 letter domain name Hex.com, has sold it according to whois records. I expect this to be a substantial domain name sale, well into the six figure range, if not higher.

The domain name has transferred out of corporate domain name registrar MarkMonitor and transferred to GoDaddy. Whois is not clear as to … Read the rest

Answers Corporation, owners of the popular website Answers.com, has acquired the premium generic domain name Roasted.com according to whois records.

Roasted.com was part of the domain name portfolio that GoDaddy acquired from Marchex in April 2015 in a $28 Million dollar purchase of over 200,000 domain names.

Early on after the Marchex deal, I had inquired about the Roasted.com domain name directly and was quoted $150,000 USD. I also tried to talk them down in price but had the strong … Read the rest

Worldwide Media Inc. and owner Michael Berkens has done it again and sold the premium generic domain name Stuff.com to Blucora Inc. according to whois records!

Worldwide Media Inc. are the owners of MostWantedDomains.com and the very popular domain name industry publication TheDomains.com

Blucora Inc. was InfoSpace.com until switching names to Blucora Inc. in 2012. Blucora is a publicly traded company.

The domain was under Domain Capital and included the MostWantedDomains.com email address on 2/6/2009 and stayed that way for … Read the rest

During my daily digging it strongly is pointing to the domain name Kit.com as selling! Here are my findings:

Kit.com whois ownership changed from KIT Electronics Limited and registered at GoDaddy to transferring to SafeNames LTD. and going into privacy.

Mike Gleissner has owned Kit.com since 8/31/2009.

In 2013 when the domain was owned by Mike yet, whois changed mailing address to London and displayed on the domain was a message that Kit.com was a new project that was going … Read the rest