Domain Acquired By Answers Corp

Answers Corporation, owners of the popular website, has acquired the premium generic domain name according to whois records. was part of the domain name portfolio that GoDaddy acquired from Marchex in April 2015 in a $28 Million dollar purchase of over 200,000 domain names.

Early on after the Marchex deal, I had inquired about the domain name directly and was quoted $150,000 USD. I also tried to talk them down in price but had the strong feeling they would not go below six figures for the domain name. I can understand why, as it’s a nice one, with a lot of branding potential.

Although I had just noticed the transfer of ownership of this morning, it appears the transaction took place about November 10, 2015 when whois records changed from NameFind LLC (GoDaddy) to a David Karandish  with an email address. Whois Record

David is the CEO of Answers Corp. Whois records have since moved to privacy protection.

Many domain names of this value sell each week and the vast majority sadly go unreported.


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