Facebook, Inc. has been buying up generic domain names lately that relate to its many offerings and this time it was Workplace.com!

The domain name was owned by Workplace Technologies, LLC prior and has been registered since June 1997.

Facebook has recently acquired: Groups.com, acquired: GameRoom.com, acquired: NewsFeed.com, acquired: React.com and many more! Many more? Yes! Messenger.com, i.org, Oculus.com, Internet.org, F8.com and a total of over 3,000+ domains. 10’s of millions of dollars just on domain names.

Facebook announced Workplace in October 2016, which is an online team collaboration tool which uses Facebook features.

I would expect this to be at least a mid-six figure domain name sale.

Whois details remain blocked currently with the domain name registered at Network Solutions, but the domain name now redirects to  https://www.facebook.com/workplace/ and name servers changed to Facebook over the weekend.

Facebook is setting a perfect example of what companies should be doing with products and services they offer! Secure the branding and provide an easy way to find and use the offering with the best domain name.

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5 Responses to Facebook Acquires Workplace.com Domain Name
  1. Fing FB is buying up all the damn prime domains!!! Yikes….

  2. They know what they are doing. 🙂

  3. Workplace.com is solid domain name. Great move by Facebook. Facebook seems comfortable allocating the funds to make suitable domain name acquisitions.

  4. They’re in the know, and they know now is the time to buy key domain names.

  5. I noticed the last few days a lot of Facebook bots visiting domains. Not sure why but getting a lot more traffic from different Facebook locations in the US and Europe.


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