Facebook Inc. has officially acquired the domain name NewsFeed.com from BuyDomains.

The transaction actually dates back to July 26-28, 2015 when the domain name transferred registrars to registrar  “HOGAN LOVELLS INTERNATIONAL LLP” . “lovellsnames” is pretty common when it relates to Facebook domain names and is a law firm used by the company.

I wasn’t able to find a reported sales price for the recent domain name purchase.

It appears that BuyDomains gave NewsFeed.com a run on NameJet around June 25, 2015 based on this DomainShane.com article. I did not see a sales price reported on NameBio.com, so It may not have hit reserve during the auction.

Update: Elliot from DomainInvesting.com was part of the NameJet auction and he informed me that the domain name had a reserve range of $10,000-$25,000 and did not meet reserve during the above mentioned auction. High bid was $6,600 at that time.

The domain did change ownership about 1 month after DomainShane article.

NewsFeed.com sat under whois privacy from July 28, 2015 until January 26, 2016 when Facebook Inc is now displayed in whois records.

NewsFeed.com Whois Redcord

The domain name currently doesn’t resolve but has been loaded onto Facebook name servers, so that may change shortly.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Buys Domain Name NewsFeed.com

  1. Quite a useful phrase for FaceBook to drive engagement – through a personalized “News Feed”.

    Even if the domain may only be forwarded ultimately, they were smart to secure it.

    Not all corporations are as clueless as they used to be with respect to domain names. Could it be they’ve begun to listen?

    1. Facebook is one of the better companies to use and buy domain names that make sense to what they offer or do. FB.com for an example, Internet.org and many, many more.

  2. This is great stuff to see companies begin to invest in domains that make sense for their brand. I know one of the most interesting stories was Taco Bell buying Ta.Co. Funny part about it a few weeks ago I went through the drive thru and there it was a nice poster with the Ta.Co it simply redirects to their main site tacobell.com. I am sure many more companies will begin to make purchases. I know some banks own a bunch of great names as well.

    – Will

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