YogaGlo Inc Acquires Domain From Hearst Communications

YogaGlo has changed ownership from Hearst Communications, Inc. to YogaGlo, Inc. according to whois records.

Hearst acquired the domain name from Whalerock Industries (formally BermanBraun) in January 2017 according to whois history records. Hearst announced on May 4, 2017 that they were launching a new media brand called Glo that was to launch in September 2017 but didn’t appear to happen. whois record

I wasn’t able to find any connection between Hearst and YogaGlo, so this is a bit of a surprising sale (as it appears to be a sale) since Hearst had recently announced the new Glo brand launch and then went dark. Glo is a great brand name, so matching it up with the premium 3 letter .com and the parties involved… Whalerock + Hearst and then YogaGlo, Inc. gaining ownership of is interesting.

YogaGlo was founded in 2011 by Derik Mills, who remains CEO today. I did send an email to Derik for conformation but I didn’t hear back at time of publishing.

To note, YogaGlo owns a 2012 trademark for GLO and Andrew from has covered YogaGlo in some defensive domain name registrations the company did in January 2014.

I wasn’t able to find any legal filings publicly, so right now, this looks like a transaction change of ownership for and it likely would be a sizeable amount of money.

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2 thoughts on “YogaGlo Inc Acquires Domain From Hearst Communications

  1. Perhaps YogaGlo complained about Hearst’s intended use of the brand name Glo, the lawyers talked amongst themselves, Hearst decided to abandon the use, YogaGlo expressed interest in the domain name because they want to go beyond yoga, and — boom! — the lawyers set up the deal to sell the domain name to YogaGlo.

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