Worldwide Media Domains On The Move To GoDaddy

GoDaddy recently acquired Worldwide Media’s majority domain name portfolio announced on Monday and as of late last night, I started to detect that many, if not all of the portfolio are starting to move to GoDaddy!

It was mentioned in the press release that the domains would be available “immediately” but that isn’t always the case due to the nature of several things like transfers.

70,000 domain names takes a bit of time to move (mainly transfer) but name servers are pretty easy to change in bulk and that is where GoDaddy started, sending them to the brand.

Although Mike (past owner of WWMI) is a friend and co-worker, he has never given me insider details, so I was as shocked to hear the news of the sale as you most likely were. He also didn’t provide me with the following, which I gathered using publicly available tools:

The WorldWide Media portfolio breakdown.

  • 1 – 3 Number .com
  • 106 – 3 Letter .com
  • 9 – 3 Letter .net
  • 26 – 3 Letter .org
  • 100 – 4 Letter .com
  • 4 – 4 Number .com
  • 219 – 5 Number .com
  • 1,626 – 6 Number .com
  • 606 – 7 Number .com
  • 76 – First Name .com
  • 653 – Dictionary Word .com
  • 25,453 – 2 Word .com
  • 22,569 – 3 Word .com

There was a mix of 3 number .org domains, 3 character .com domains, 2 character .org domains, idioms .com domains and many more that didn’t match my dictionary tool for one reason or another.

I have not found the domains to be listed on directly yet, based on searching for a few. I would expect that to change soon but will likely take to early next week so GoDaddy can start pricing them?

I do have a list of all the domains, clearly broken down as mentioned above. I will likely post them at some point, but since they really can’t be purchased just yet from what I can tell… I will likely wait a little bit until I start seeing prices added.

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