Verizon Announce Oath Brand For Yahoo + AOL, Domain Fail

April 3, 2017 AOL CEO Tim Armstrong announced a new brand to house AOL and Yahoo, Oath.

AOL registered a slew of domain names to back up this announcement but completely failed and didn’t secure prior to the announcement, at least according to current whois records.

World Media Group LLC owns, not Verizon, AOL or Yahoo… World Media Group is a domain name investment company, that owns many very valuable domain name assets. Whois Record

That didn’t stop AOL from registering domains related to Oath though:

AOL did register:, (both zero’s) and many brands they own like,,, (AltoMail is owned by AOL),,,,,,,, Then they registered other brand names like, and a few more.,,,,,, and they kept on registering:

I would think Verizon or AOL or Yahoo was wise enough to secure PRIOR to announcing this and whois just doesn’t reflect it yet but the current fact is, the domain is not owned by them according to whois records! This would be a big time fail and surely cause the offering price to skyrocket.

The company failed at many “make sense” registrations as well, like, which was registered yesterday, just not by AOL like the others mentioned above.

I wouldn’t say this announcement was as elegant as Carnival Corporation’s brand Ocean and the purchase of to house its brands!

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4 thoughts on “Verizon Announce Oath Brand For Yahoo + AOL, Domain Fail

  1. If AOL (Absolutely Outstanding Lunacy) cannot follow the basic rules of branding, what hope do we have that the “mainstream” businesses will?

    If they indeed haven’t secured the name, it deserves to be the tragic case of idiocy of 2017… so far.

  2. The CMO of Verizon is going to get canned on the miss; just cost the new brand more money than necessary.

    More proof that corporate end users are still behind the curve in terms of digital marketing, advertising and branding but the 2017 retail Apocalypse will clear the confusion. The 2nd gold rush for generic EMD/category killing dot-Com domains will be from 2018-2020. All those add dollars moving from traditional TV are moving to digital platforms. All the quality domains will be owned by corporate America and GoDaddy by 2022 for sure. C-Suite will wake up before 2017 closes…

    1. @JR,
      All of the domains that I had seen were registered under the AOL brand name, so I would assume that team is taking the lead, at least on the domain name front. Not a very good one to note if they didn’t secure it prior to announcing. In general, Verizon mainly does a very good job at securing the best domain.

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