Quirky Inc which launched the Wink App in partnership with GE has acquired the EMD Wink.com 

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Wink.com was previously owned by MyLife.com Inc which had used the domain in the past. MyLife is linked with Reunion.com and Classmates.com

Wink is getting ready to release RELAY around Thanksgiving 2014, so maybe they felt it was time to acquire the exact match domain Wink.com, which in itself helps to give a company instant credibility with owning the premium domain! Wink resides on the domain name WinkApp.com and will likely switch solely to Wink.com in the very near future.

Wink is a smart home automation tool that works with a lot of different brands and products. Turn on your lights, lock your door kind of things.

At this point, no purchase price was discovered but I have reached out to Wink to see if they are willing to share any further details on the purchase.

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