Philips Lighting NV Acquires For Corporate Rebrand has been acquired by Philips Lighting NV for a name change of it corporate name. Philips will remain the name of its branded products.

I tweeted about the domain name being acquired by Marksmen for an unknown buyer at the time, on November 2, 2017.

Whois records still remain generic at domain name registrar Ascio Technologies, the same registrar used by Philips.

The domain name is redirecting to a press release announcing the intention of the name change, which is dated March 16, 2018.

The domain name has been registered since October 10, 1996 and as mentioned prior, was acquired with the help of Marksmen in November 2017. My initial tweet predicted the buyers of the domain name to be 3M, mainly due to a recent trademark filing August 8, 2017 at that time.

The domain name was owned prior by Signify Solutions Limited of the UK, which appears to be owned by NCC Group. The company also owned and continues today. It would have been wise for Philips to acquire that domain at the time of acquiring the .com. That domain redirects to a cyber security solution on a gTLD domain name, which the .trust gTLD is operated by the company.

The purchase price of is unknown.

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3 thoughts on “Philips Lighting NV Acquires For Corporate Rebrand

  1. Wow, Signify is sure a great name, great move by Philips. Also seems sort of appropriate on the theme of lighting.

    I’ve got two very old Philips appliances, their stuff never seems to break down.

    – – –

    In more Domain Movers news, a major company with 9,000 employees is changing its name to Equinor, as reported by CNBC. I don’t have DomainTools so I don’t know anything about the history of the domain.

    Their short (about 2min) embedded video explaining the philosophy of the change is really worth watching. It helps to understand how visionary companies might be thinking.

    The site explains the rebrand like this:

    “We have searched for a name that effectively captures our heritage and values, and at the same time, gives a clear direction for the future. ‘Equi’ is the starting point for words like equal, equality and equilibrium. ‘Nor’ is signalling a company proud of its origin. We believe the name says something important about us…”

    To see who they used to be, simply go to which redirects.

    1. appears to have been acquired around February 14, 2018 from a Canadian resident and has been registered since 2011.

  2. Thanks for the extra research on Equinor Jamie! Every little piece of data helps to understand the way corporations evolve their brands and domains. That’s interesting to know the domain was only secured a month ago, the board had probably been discussing their future image for some time.

    Both Signify and Equinor are future-proof domains.

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