Microsoft Sway CDN Very Close To Launching

Back on August 1, 2014 broke the news that Microsoft was very likely getting ready to potentially be launching a CDN (content delivery network) with the name Sway, as they purchased the domain name and filed a generalized trademark for the term Sway. Also around the time, they registered the domain names / .net and / .net which tipped me off that Sway maybe a CDN.

Well, this morning I had noticed Microsoft has loaded up name servers on both and the main domain name using the Akamai Technologies services. “isn’t ready yet” at the time of this posting, but is resolving with a single line of text: Sign In

That hyperlinks to a link. is doing the same thing as

So, Microsoft Sway is getting much closer to launching and I would expect something officially announced pretty soon. Maybe early next week?




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