Ever wondered who the top 5 clients are at corporate domain name provider MarkMonitor.com are? Well, using some tools provided by our friends over at DomainIQ.com you can see that data in a comprehensive report!

Here are the top 5 clients by volume at MarkMonitor.com based on email search*

  1. Deckers.com, the owners of the UGG brand. I see large amounts of domain names transfer in daily via legal means of spoof sites and much more, so this likely helps with the higher number associated with the Deckers brand. Deckers is the highest holding domain client at MarkMonitor with over 28,000 domain names.
  2. Amazon Technologies is clearly a huge company and MarkMonitor is likely glad they picked them to use for domain name needs! Amazon ranks #2 in the list by volume according to email address search at MarkMonitor with over 25,000 domain names.
  3. Microsoft takes the 3rd spot with 22,000 domain names registered and growing daily.
  4. Yahoo Inc comes home in the third spot having some 21,000 + domain names under management at MarkMonitor.
  5. Fox Inc rounds out the top five and a drastic drop by volume of domains to a little over 11,400 domain names under management.

Other interesting facts about MarkMonitor

The domains registered at MarkMonitor are associated with 3,196 distinct email addresses and 12,814 registrant names.

68.6% of the registered domain names are .com

81.9% of those domain names are English

58.7% of the domains registered at MarkMonitor reside on the standard ns1.markmonitor.com domain name servers

2012 was the highest year by volume for MarkMonitor for domain names registered over the past 5 years, which topped over 68,000 domains.

The Top Five Most Commonly Used Keyword


Those keywords are a bit skewed because brand names often register domain name with BrandName+Keyword . TLD . Amazon is one that does that, so is RIM (Blackberry brand). There are several movie companies that use MarkMonitor. Boots and Cheap likely relate to Deckers.  Cheap, Fox, Buy, Yahoo and Free round out the top 10 most commonly used keywords.

Neustar is the largest DNS provider for MarkMonitor clients with over 21,000 MarkMonitor client domains using the service. UltraDNS is the commonly seen term.

Matt Serlin is a REAL Person at MarkMonitor. His name is often used in whois information, but he is the VP of Domain Management.

*MarkMonitor clients often use generic whois data, so this does not directly attach a domain name to a specific entity or email, so those domains are not included

** Stats are based on .com | .net | .org | .info | .biz | .us | .mobi | .asia | .fr | .co.uk | .com.au domains.

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One thought on “MarkMonitor’s Top 5 Clients

  1. Elsewhere you have mentioned Mark Monitor and Big Horn Consultants who is the undercover domain purchasing company for Mark Monitor. The two companies link together through the sole owner of Big Horn Consultants – David Mccord Angella who is also the Customer Service Manager for Mark Monitor.
    ‘LinkedIn’ are another of Mark Monitor’s top clients.

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