was owned by Branded Holding Group (last know as Internet Holding Group) of New York since the early 2000’s but according to whois records, the domain name has since changed ownership to Interactive Lease Corporation, Inc. of Florida.

The domain name has spent the majority of its life as a parked domain name but sometime around 2013 the domain got a website to go along with it and it was vehicle related. It appears the new owners of the domain name are going with the vehicle route as well. is currently in beta with a simple lease search tool. was/is listed on Sedo domain marketplace and was pretty active with 92 offers since it was listed (I’m not sure of the exact listing date). The listing seller is/was located in Australia according to Sedo.


Sedo does a really bad job at keeping listings current, so it’s unknown if the domain was listed by Branded Holding Group or for how much the domain name sold for. I did reach out to the new registrant for comment but have not heard back at time of posting.

I personally think that would do very well in the domain name space for leasing domain names!

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