Kore Inc. Acquires GetStuffDone.com For $40K

Kore Inc. has acquired the domain name GetStuffDone.com for $40,000 from domain master Michael Berkens, who is owner of MostWantedDomains.com / TheDomains.com as reported on the MWD Facebook page.


Kore.com has a message on its home page that states:

Meet the messaging platform that lets you communicate,
collaborate, and get stuff done with complete control.
Accomplish even more than you could before with Kore.

Kore appears to be new as they talk about getting early access to the site, but it’s founder isn’t new! Raj Koneru  is Chairman/Founder at Kony, Inc. and also was founder / CEO of iTouchPoint, Seranova and Intelligroup according to his LinkedIn page. Raj doesn’t mention Kore on LinkedIn nor his Twitter page but I did find a recruiting page from 2014 that stated:

Kore Inc – A Product company is the Messaging Platforms business. We are a newco with close 100 employees. We have been operating in a stealth mode for the last 2 yrs. The Kore Messaging platform will be launched in the next 3 months both to the consumers and the Enterprise. Kore was founded by Raj Koneru who has launched more than 5 successful companies in the past. He is also the founder and Chairman of Kony Inc- A Mobile application development Platform company.

This isn’t a “main domain” from what I can tell (Kore.com is) and would likely be used in advertising/marketing in some fashion IMO.

Michael Berkens is a master at maximizing domain name sales and knowing who his buyers are and what they able to pay! The GetStuffDone.com domain sale proves this. Mike owns over 75,000 domain names.

To note: MostWantedDomains also reported the domain name sale of RockMyWorld.com for $20,000 on its Facebook page on June 4, 2015, but whois records have not yet updated to reveal who the buyer of that domain was at the time of this story.

Congrats to Kore and Mike on the transaction and for sharing the sales price publicly!

Full disclosure: I am a writer on TheDomains.com with my Domain Movers series but sadly Mike doesn’t feed me information, because he says I’m good at digging it up!

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3 thoughts on “Kore Inc. Acquires GetStuffDone.com For $40K

  1. Looks like they are spending quite a bit of money to go after the Slack.com market, and considering how much THAT company is worth now, spending $40K was probably just a small piece of what will have to be a much larger marketing campaign

    1. @Oren Arbit,
      Spending the $40K on the domain tells me they have some ad money to spend to promote the product 🙂 but competition is a good thing.

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