GoDaddy Sells 24 Three Letter .com Domains and its NameFind domain name portfolio has just unloaded a batch of 24 three letter .com domain names. This is the 2nd time GoDaddy has sold a batch of 3 letter .com’s that I am aware of. The first occurred shortly after Mike Berkens sold his domain name portfolio to GoDaddy when 55 three letter .com’s were acquired in a bulk deal, which were purchased by Nat Cohen’s Telepathy according to the article.

Here are the newest domains acquired:

All of the above transferred yesterday and are now using They are also under whois privacy at Uniregistry. I did check and all of the above were Berkens domains. A rough estimate: 79 of 106  3L .com’s out of Berkens portfolio have been sold in bulk by GoDaddy in about 3 months.

I wanted to check into the remaining 3 letter .com domains from Berkens portfolio and ran a bulk whois scan on those domains. All appear to have been sold according to whois records!

I was aware of 106, 3 letter .com domains in the Berkens portfolio. 2 that were acquired by Telepathy have been since sold to Chinese investors. 58 remain with Telepathy. That means Telepathy acquired 60 total, not just the 55 mentioned above. 45 are registered at Uniregistry under whois privacy. 1 other domain is registered to a Chinese investor.

So GoDaddy has sold ALL 106 of Berkens 3 letter .com domain names.

Congrats to buyers and sellers!

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3 thoughts on “GoDaddy Sells 24 Three Letter .com Domains

  1. If Godaddy paid $35 MM for Berkens’ 70,000+ domains then they effectively paid ~ $30 MM for the 95% trash (not even reg fee names)

    Most of the liquid stuff (3L domains) have already been sold off

    What’s left is garbage & hard to sell stuff.
    Might take Godaddy 40 years to turn a profit from them

    Much prefer YunYe/Marchex’s portfolio at $28 M than Berkens’ $35 M (lower quality).

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