Dronie By Twitter Likely To Be Big

I heard the term “Dronie” in some web video and I thought, that’s pretty cool… a Drone Selfie! Well, drones are going to be huge in the very near future and selfies are big now and have been big before but we just didn’t call them selfies then… so putting the two together, Dronie sounded like a fun term to me.

After hearing the term, I checked on the domain name… It was registered already and was created in May 2011. Once again I was late to the game but that happens, but could I be smarter? I happened to notice the domain was very likely going to expire soon, so I placed a backorder on it as I was trying to use up an Epik backorder anyway (as mentioned here) on June 17, 2014 and the domain dropped July 18, 2014. Epik failed me and my backorder on the domain missed. Sadly as I come to find out now….

From what I can tell, April 14, 2014 was really the first push of the “dronie” online when Amit Gupta posted this video on Bernal Hill using a drone, but Vasily Petrovich of Moscow Russia was the real early Dronie when he registered the .com domain. (but sadly for him, let it expire).

Twitter IS the buyer behind the Dronie.com domain name. It doesn’t show this via whois, but they are!

The domain name Dronie.com sold at expired drop auction on NameJet.com for $2,551 and Twitter gained control of the domain July 21, 2014

Twitter and its official @Dronie account basically launched on June 16, 2014 with what many said was a “advertising push” . Well, it worked whatever it was.

This morning I had discovered that Twitter has filed a trademark for Dronie, which was filed on June 20, 2014, 4 days after the Twitter Dronie took place.

I am not sure what product or service Twitter can offer with “Dronie” but I’m sure the things that it could offer are endless. Dronies are cool, grab attention and right now is basically one of those things a lot of people would like to do, but can’t!

Photo Credit: @Dronie

Watch for Twitter to very likely be launching Dronie.com in the near future! As you often do, you heard it hear first on DotWeekly.com!

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  1. Well i did try and get Vidfie to be the next thing, so far not much interest, examples are at vidfie.com I noticed that dronie.com was in the dnjournal sales report during the week

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