DreamingWithJeff.com Reg’d 8 Days Prior

Square Space paid $4.5 Million for a Super Bowl ad and put a prominent domain name in the ad, DreamingWithJeff.com.

That domain name, was hand registered at the Google Inc. domain registrar on 1/24/2015, only 8 days prior to the ad airing during the Super Bowl prior to halftime. 8 days prior, for $12.

The website is a bit confusing, as was the TV commercial. Jeff Bridges was sitting next to a bed rubbing something around a bowl… so upon visiting the site, Jeff Bridges is the main character shown as well. What is offered? Jeff Bridges Sleeping Tapes!

100% of the retail price goes to NoKidHungry.org

There are several forms offered from digital download, to signed copies, vinyl and even cassette.

Confusing really. What does Square Space, the company even offer? Website development, domains and commerce according to its website. DIY web development really.

One would think a web development company that offers “domains” would register its domain name more than 8 days prior to the Super Bowl ad they are running but that is what they did. Clearly the site lacks search engine placement as well, mainly to do with the late domain registration. Square Space did put a Learn About Squarespace link above the fold and a small logo at the top of the page but that was it, until you got to the bottom of the page.

$4.5 Million dollar commercial….. $12 domain registration with a prominent position during the ad and what directed millions to go there! Registered only 8 days before the ad. Wow!

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  1. Jeff is rubbing a Tibetan singing bowl. You rub the edge of the bowl with a small piece of wood, which causes the bowl to ‘sing’ / vibrate. Very soothing, and definitely used in many meditative purposes.

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