Dr Oz Magazine On The Way via Hearst Domain Reg

Back in late January 2013 some rumors swirled that Dr. Oz would be releasing a magazine and was 90% close to inking a deal with Hearst Communications as reported by the NYPost.com …. well, Hearst Communications just registered several domain names that nearly seal the deal with the magazine deal!

Hearst Communications has registered the following domain names on June 5, 2013 according to whois records:

  • DoctorOzMag.com
  • Dr-OzMag.com
  • DrOzMag.com
  • TheDrOzMag.com
  • TheDr-OzMag.com
  • TheDoctorOzMag.com
  • TheOzMag.com

None of the domain name resolve to anything at the time of this article, but I would expect to hear some kind of “official release” of the magazine shortly. These type of domain name registration discoveries often lead to an official launch shortly after they are created. Since the NY Post article stated that something would likely be announced in the second half of 2013, it appears to be right on time.

One thing to note, clearly there are A LOT of different combinations of how the magazine could be officially named, aka… and likely “Dr. Oz” but I found it pretty interesting that Hearst would only register the abbreviation of the term “Magazine” and has not registered (that I have seen or found) any with the full term. This could likely change, but I found it interesting.

Thank you for reading a DotWeekly Discoveries and I hope to be doing a lot more of these again, as I always enjoyed finding these stories and sharing them.

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