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Domain Movers keeps track of company domain name transactions. These are often early discoveries of new brands, products, services, advertising efforts and more.

Not a huge list today after coming off a weekend but several hints and big names.

Target Brands Inc. has acquired Lead IP Paralegal Jason Anderson from Farmington, MN is listed in whois records as of August 14, 2017 and appears to have purchased the domain name under his own personal name and gmail address.

On August 4, 2017 the following domain names were registered under generic whois data:,, and were all registered at CSC Corporate Domains. was owned by YummyNames (Tucows) and was for sale for $3,900.,, and were also registered at the time. was grabbed on the drop by CSC Corporate Domains (likely via NameJet), also likely for Target Brands.

Amazon Technologies, Inc. registered This is likely related to an investment into Andy Rubin’s new Essential phone. Amazon also registered and prior to announcing a new offering for AWS, called Macie.

J.S. Marcus has acquired and .net from its past owners with the help of domain buying service Marksmen.

Agrosorsak d.o.o. has acquired at domain name aftermarket service for an undisclosed amount. The domain has been registered since August 1997.

Netspend Corporation registered adding to the 400+ other domain names the company owns. The company offers prepaid cards and reloadable debit cards. has been acquired by EJEE Inc. from Telepathy, Inc. The company is located in Beijing, China. has been acquired by Telepathy, Inc. has moved into The premium generic domain name was owned by Web X.0 Media LLC (Michael Cyger) and has been registered since August 1995. This appears to be a Domain Name Holding transaction, which doesn’t always mean a “sale” as a domain lease is always a potential. If payments are being made to acquire the domain, it would also go into domain name holding in an escrow account. It appears that Michael potentially purchased the domain for around $37,500 on Flippa in February 2015. I reached out to Michael for confirmation but have not heard back at time of posting.

Aluminati Network Group has acquired from Name Administration Inc. for an undisclosed amount. The domain has been registered since 2003 has also been sold by Frank Schillings Name Administration Inc. This domain name held an offering price of $75,400 but the exact sales price is currently unknown, nor are the buyers. which I had mentioned on August 11 that the prior BB&T owned domain name transferred to GoDaddy out of CSC appears to have been acquired by a company called Capital For Business, that uses the acronym CFB.

General Mills Inc. registered the domain name, which appears to likely related to Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bites that the company announced in July 2017.

PepsiCo, Inc. registered the domain name for a likely football related campaign.

Mondelez International, Inc. registered adding to the 3,000+ domains the company already owns.

ESPN, Inc. registered adding to the 1,300+ domains they currently own.

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