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Welcome to Domain Movers, an exciting series on DotWeekly where we track corporate domain name transactions and report the early findings to you. These are often indications of new brands, products, services, advertising efforts and more.

Here are the latest movers:

Novartis AG has listed something you do not want, but may want… for sale through its brand protection service MarkMonitor.

SafeNames LTD, a corporate domain name service provider went on a shopping spree and acquired 3 domain names. Those domains included out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an unknown buyer. was acquired on behalf of advertising agency TBWA Chiat Day. was acquired from BuyDomains for an unknown client.

University of California, owners of over 2,000 domain names, has acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio.

Chervon Group takes ownership of from Robert Bosch GmbH. It was announced on February 24, 2017 that Chervon acquired the power tool brand.

Earthlink Inc. has sold the domain name, a domain that was registered in 1994. The domain name moves to whois privacy at GoDaddy. has been sold by Frank Schillings company Name Administration Inc., with the domain name transferring to Amazon’s registrar under privacy protection. Elon Musk recently started NeuraLink (with an A) and acquired which I reported here. It does appear these two domains are connected as is now redirecting to There is pretty good potential that cost Musk more than There are a slew of companies using the name and clearly Frank doesn’t sell cheap. I’d expect this domain has had a fair amount of interest over the years due to the many companies using second rate domains to the EMD, which now all of those companies besides NeuraLink have to settle for second rate. This was a very wise purchase by NeuraLink.


Frezza Network S.r.l. has acquired (translates from Italian to English as Ache) via domain name aftermarket service Sedo for $2,800. The domain has been registered since 1998. This was an EliteDomains owned domain name but according to whois records, didn’t appear to be owned by GoDaddy, who acquired a large portfolio from EliteDomains. The domain was acquired in on February 24, 2016 for $629 in an expired auction on GoDaddy. To note, I have seen EliteDomains still acquiring domain names. sold in an expired domain name auction at GoDaddy for $218,000. The past owner still has about 7 days to renew the domain name or the transaction will complete if the winning bidder makes payment.

Rentals Gone Wild has done a rebrand to Padfinders and has acquired its EMD The domain was registered in 2011. Good move as Rentals Gone Wild reminds me of Girls Gone Wild. Not sure “pad” finders is the best they could have done but at least it’s an improvement from the prior. Is the singular domain important ( to also own? Yes, but they have not currently acquired that one but should. I typed the singular 3 times in this article and actually had to go back and change it due to my confusion if it was singular or plural.

ShurTech Brands, LLC registered adding to the other 190 domain names they own.

Microsoft Corporation registered as well as and

Apple Inc. has secured from a James Boggs. The domain was registered in 2015 and Apple recently rebranded iTunes Podcasts to Apple Podcasts. I had reported in an earlier article 11 related domains that Apple registered, but hadn’t secured the exact match domain at that time.

Universal Music Operations Ltd. registered the domain name

BML Group Ltd ( has acquired which was owned by HugeDomains prior. the domain name held a buy now of $3,995. has been sold by out of its NameFind domain name portfolio. The domain was purchased by a Syed Husaini and the email address is associated with many other domain names that are offered for sale, so Syed appears to be a domain investor. I happened to look at the other day and it held a minimum offer amount of $65,000. I’d put an educated guess that it sold between the $65K to $130K range.

AFLAC registered several EnjoyLifestyle + keyword domain names including Hub, Lab, Life, Now, Pro, Web, and Zone. They did the similar with HappyLifestyle with the same keywords but a few more like News, Shop, Star and Tech. They continued with similar mixes of domains like,,,,,,  and many more. They likely registered close to 100 domains in total. has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain was owned by EzHot Deals prior and has been registered since 2009. to note is owned by OnDeck and was under privacy at GoDaddy using Amazon hosting and transferred into MarkMonitor, so OnDeck could be potential buyers of the domain.  has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client from BuyDomains. were registered and appears to have been acquired also, which has been registered since 2012

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    1. @Fatih OZTURK,
      I use the data that displays upon a whois search, in this case on, which displayed the following:
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