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Welcome, this is Domain Movers! We focus on company related domain name transactions and report this early data to you. These transactions often reflect new products, services, brands, rebrands, domain upgrades and more.

Here is a small sampling of some recent detection’s:

Heineken International B.V. has acquired from its past owners. The domain has been registered since 2011 and was owned by somebody in China prior. The domain switched to a Malaysia based registrant in late July 2017. Heineken launched Apple Fox Cider in Malaysia in August 2017.

BSH Hausgeraete GmbH has acquired at domain name aftermarket service for $7,000. BSH is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe, who’s parent company is Robert Bosch GmbH.

Lone Wolf Investments, Inc. has acquired at Afternic, from and has already launched it’s Bitcoin IRA service on the newly created brand.

Pro Beauty Supplies & Training LTD of London has acquired The domain name held a buy now of $85,800 and was owned by Name Administration Inc. prior. The exact sales price is unknown.

Pfizer allowed to expire and follow the drop process instead of selling the domain name in the aftermarket. The domain was grabbed on the drop by on November 18, 2017 and sold in an expired domain name auction for $3,251.

Airbnb appears to have acquired from its past owners, although whois records currently do not reflect that, as it shows a Chen Pei Li of China at GoDaddy, yet the domain name is resolving to the newly announced apartment brand by Airbnb that was announced in October 2017. Whois changed in October and the domain transferred from a Chinese registrar to GoDaddy. Niido also just picked up $200 million in funding. In general, Airbnb uses brand protection service MarkMonitor, so the situation is a little odd with the domain.

Schellhammer Business School, S.L. acquired 2014 registered domain name at Sedo for an undisclosed amount. has been acquired by domain buying service Marksmen from its past owners for a currently unknown client. The domain was listed for sale at the time of the transaction.

Microsoft Corporation has acquired from for an undisclosed amount. has been acquired by a currently unknown buyer, who is making and has been making a big play on the term. I have seen a lot of Nyden related domains being registered and now they have acquired the crown jewel. The site is resolving and just shows a logo and Welcome To The Tribe as the page title. The domain has transferred to CSC.

Juul Labs has acquired its EMD, and this was a domain name upgrade for them, as they were using / prior. currently redirects to but I’d expect that to change in the near future. Juul just picked up $200 million in funding to note.

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2 thoughts on “Domain Movers:, + More

  1. Niido is a horrible brand name. How the hell do you pronounce it? A double i is highly unorthodox in English. Consumers will surely typo it, leaving out the extra i.

    To make matters worse, the website has a splash page upon entry, which I haven’t seen anyone purposefully use since about 2006 when people still used Flash.

    The website says that they are “partnering with AirBnB” so this site is not an AirBnB site, which is why its registration and use is not like other AirBnB activities.

    1. @Logan,
      I agree, I’m not a fan of the name!
      To note, it says “Powered By Airbnb”. If you read the Forbes story I linked to, Airbnb is partnering with Newgard Development Group. So it’s not clear if Airbnb or Newgard is behind the domain purchase. It’s not likely that the Chinese registrant currently shown in whois still owns the domain, unless they are leasing it etc, but again, that is not likely.

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