Domain Movers is Moving to

I am very happy to finally announce that my Domain Movers series is moving over to the very popular publication, which is owned by Michael Berkens. I will also be the one writing the series on TheDomains!

A lot of people have come to love the series as it provides a lot of unique content relating to domain names and what corporations are acquiring and what they are doing with the domains they already own.

Another great thing is TheDomains has a much larger reach than DotWeekly does! This is great for the domain industry as a whole!

I have struggled to make the effort involved with doing the series and providing the information work on DotWeekly. It can be a struggle to make things work financially when running a website and I never really knew if I would continue DotWeekly simply because of that! Writing the series for somebody will eliminate the financial aspect of it for me and allow me to focus on providing the Domain Movers series!

I will continue writing on DotWeekly, just not the Domain Movers here.

The first Domain Movers series will be going up on shortly for your continued viewing pleasure and I welcome you over to check it out!


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10 thoughts on “Domain Movers is Moving to

  1. Congratulations Jamie.

    Your posts always have great content from a different perspective. I can tell that you spend a lot of time and effort researching and writing. Looking forward to seeing you on The Domains.


  2. I think it’s absolutely crazy to spend so much time researching and then to give all the traffic to someone else. That’s nuts! I hope you’re getting paid well for it.

  3. Congratulations, Jamie!

    I see your point. But not every writer is a self-contained newspaper or magazine. Sometimes they’re paid by the venue. Economies of scale & whatnot. It simply isn’t efficient for everybody with something to say to reinvent the wheel of building an audience and monetizing a website. Less time fretting about advertisers = More time spent researching and producing content.

  4. Jamie,

    I hope you are doing good. Its good to hear that financial burden has been lifted somewhat from you. I still remember when your first baby was born. I hope your family is good, just stopped to wish u and ur family the best. 🙂 its good to see someone I know reaching success finally!! cheers

  5. Please tone down the speculation and tighten up your research. Entertaining sometimes, but using Daily Changes to track DNS mods and making false claims can be reckless. Good luck though.

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