Domain Movers in Video Format! One, Maybe TWO, Six Figure Domain Sales

Domain Movers Video Series

Continuing with my new video series, today I present a Domain Movers in video format!

I’m not set on the style of video on this (web cam / screen cast) so the format may change in the future. To note, the audio was 100% clear prior to uploading to YouTube so not sure why there is a “click/pause” at times in the video audio. Sorry I didn’t “change the screen” often as that is something I’d do more in upcoming videos. Maybe showing past whois to current etc. Again, still learning this video thing!

I’m also not sure if I will be posting every video that I do, directly on It takes a good deal of work to make the videos, post them etc. so I suggest subscribing to DotWeekly on YouTube!!! If you subscribe and turn on the notifications button, you will be alerted to any new videos that I post.

Data covered in the video: acquired by an unknown CSC Corporate domains client from past owner. Domain held a buy now of $11,955 was also acquired by CSC and may be connected above. was acquired by an unknown CSC client with the help of domain buying service Marksmen. appears to have been sold by Telepathy Inc. Likely a high five figure or low six figure sale.

Merchants Bank allowed to expire, while Boult, Cummings, Conners & Berry allowed to expire. BCCB is simply now, using the new name Bradley, Arant, Boult & Cummings.

Expect both domains to be on expired auction on NameJet soon as both are registered at Network Solutions. which was owned by The National Bank of Dubai transferred into GoDaddy under whois privacy in July 2018 and is now listed for sale via Afternic with a buy now of $65K. Interestingly, the seller data at Afternic shows 2 domains listed, and I’m aware of as a stolen domain, so this may indicate that is also stolen! The domain transferred out of NSI to GoDaddy, right around when it was set to expire (7/21/2018). Since was stolen via NSI, was also at NSI. With both domains being listed in the SAME Afternic account, it makes me question’s status and if it is stolen?

Spil Games registered for a likely new game.

Frank Shillings Name Administration Inc. has sold The domain name held a $390,000 buy now at the time of the sale, although the exact sales price is unknown. The domain transferred to Key-Systems and is on a French name server. Aladin Sky Atlas may be the buyers. Frank owned the domain name prior to the popular Aladin movie to note.

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11 thoughts on “Domain Movers in Video Format! One, Maybe TWO, Six Figure Domain Sales

  1. Hey Jamie, I enjoy domain movers and it is much appreciated, but honestly I think this is best left for text format. You might be wasting time with the video as it has no rewatch value and moves slowly to get information in 9 minutes that can be read in less than 60 seconds

    1. Thank you for the honest feedback Ron, it’s greatly appreciated! I was feeling the same after watching the video back a couple times. I needed to get the message across faster and it feels that text would be better for these articles. I wanted to try it at least and see. I may try to rework it and give it another video or may revert back to a text format for Domain Movers type articles.

  2. Hello Jamie,
    We would warn most (.COM Equimoditty Platform) owners to be careful to send ANY Traffic to another opportunistic Predators Platform = GOOGLE or youtube or etc. etc. . Remember you are competing for eyeballs (Traffic). JAS

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence, Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )

  3. Hi Jamie. I have no idea what Jeff is talking about. He makes no sense. Meanwhile, I agree with Rod that Domain Movers is superior as text. I’d save videos for deeper dives into domain deals or domain thefts where you have gathered detailed insights and can make a ‘special report’ about it.

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for the issue!

    Recently I was trying to buy and almost close to deal.

    The world full of schemes.

  5. Hello!
    Good article! very helpful.
    I am trying to buy recently.
    I am communicating with seller Ray Prock [email protected]
    He asked me very low 5 figure.
    Everybody be careful!
    Don’t buy the!!

    1. Yes, the thief changed registrant email address FROM [email protected] to [email protected] (free email address). This took place on or about April 16, 2018. The domain was then listed on Afternic on 4-29-2018 under the user name: Frankslakm The domain then transferred to GoDaddy around July 5, 2018 under whois privacy. Both and have been removed from Afternic. Ray Prock is the real owner of, just not the email address.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        I think you have to post new article to warn about this thief.
        Public this to everyone.
        I can provide emails from the thief.
        This is very important.
        To avoid make any victoms

  6. Jamie — here’s something I’d like an article researched and written about this company and what they own:
    Savvy Investments, LLC — I believe they are the ones behind or now owners of the defunct PPC service or at least the domain… WHO are they (the people behind that company)

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