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Welcome to another round of Domain Movers, where DotWeekly keeps track and puts a pulse on domain name movements by companies around the world.

Here are some of the latest domain movements:

Mondo ( had to do a rebrand due to an undisclosed company “challenging” them and has rebranded as Monzo. The company made a very wise choice and secured the globally recognized, exact match .com domain name this time around. Not only a name change but a domain name upgrade to boot! You can read more about the rebrand here.

The domain name was listed for sale with a purchase price of only US$3,386 ($2,999 EUR), although the official sales price is unknown.

Barracuda Networks has acquired the domain name, which actually took place in late 2014. They likely are getting ready to do something with it as they have registered and changed name servers on the .com appears to have changed ownership, according to whois records. The domain was owned by Zuma Innovation of Westlkae Village, California and is now owned by Shanghai Sintang Industrial Co., Ltd of China. The website displays massage tables. has been acquired by a currently unknown client of corporate brand protection service MarkMonitor.

Apple Inc., registered the domain name and is putting the domain to use right away for Beats By Dre.

TD Ameritrade has acquired the domain name from GoDaddy/NameFind for an undisclosed amount.

Tucows/YummyNames has sold the domain name to a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain name was using DomainNameSales at the time.

Facebook Inc., registered several new “addin/extensions/plugin” domain name names. A few samples are:, and has been acquired from HugeDomains for about $2,395 by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. has moved from domain registrar GoDaddy to corporate brand protection service MarkMonitor. Other domains in its portfolio also made the transfer. Appfolio is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ.

inMusic Brands announced in July 2016 that they were set to acquired Rane Corporation with the transaction closing “this summer”. The domain name has officially transferred ownership and is now controlled by inMusic. sells for $25,000 via domain aftermarket service Sedo. The domain did hold a buy now price of $70,800 and was owned by Name Administration Inc. 2014 startup DataMesh is a potential buyer.

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5 thoughts on “Domain Movers:, + More

  1. Never favors the BIN and one of the reason is you never know who the buyer is like it happened in the case of

    There was huge discount on offer when selling DataMesh by FS. It it normal for his company?
    Asking of 70.8K to 25K selling price.

    1. I have seen NAI sell some domains around 50% off stated BIN, but not as high as 64% off, so it’s a bit higher than normal. For Monzo, I had seen the listing (and price) on Sedo and that listing still remains, so there is potential that it sold for more some place else or direct contact and the buyer didn’t see the Sedo listing. That does happen.

  2. Even 50% off from NAI is on higher side. So there would be some special discount for the buyer DataMesh 😀
    For Monzo, good if they sold private or through negotiation and not with BIN, else they left plenty of money.

  3. We bought a domain from NA that was quoted at $15K initially for $5K, it was a .com, I think growing their company comes with many costs.

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