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Welcome to Domain Movers. DotWeekly keeps track of corporate domain name transactions and reports the early findings to you. The follow is a mere sample of daily activity that takes place. I try to find a medium of what to share and what I do not include but be sure to know that there are A LOT more movements, registrations etc every day by companies.

Here are the latest:

The Huffington Post has done a rebrand and shortened up its domain name to They have owned the domain name for many years, which has been registered since 2005. I personally do not like the rebrand and something like Huffington or simply Huff may have been better. They were using prior.

Ousted Fox News Bill O’Reilly launches his own podcast via To note, Fox News registered the domain name in 1999 and held the registrant details of The O’Reilly Factor at that time with a email address. The domain then switched to Bill Me, Inc. for a couple of years. At some point in 2003, was removed in the registrants email and switching to a email address.

Often times, it is in question of who owns the domain name in situations like this, as well as social media accounts., the domain name behind Sheryl Sandberg’s new book called Option B was acquired via Afternic. The domain appeared to be owned by’s arm New Ventures Services Corp after expiring in 2015. Dave Goldberg passed away May 1, 2015. was acquired about July 21, 2015. The .com domain name, was acquired almost 1 year later than the .org on July 15, 2016 and moved to whois privacy protection at, also where the .org is housed. wisely redirects to and both domains IMO are required as many will type instead of the .org. has been acquired by September 2016 Fintech startup and just secured $3M in funding. The domain name came out of whois privacy protection on March 10, 2017 displaying Jason Wilk, CEO of and was the likely time it was acquired. Really great domain name and pretty cool brand to boot! You can’t forget that one! The service helps prevent overdraft fees and is back by Mark Cuban. You can read more about in this TechCrunch article.

Morton Salt, Inc. registered and adding to the other 97 domain names they own.

General Motors LLC registered 3 of its brands with the term Market after the brand name,, and

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. ( has registered the recently expired domain

Joel Runyon has acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind Division. Joel is a reader of DotWeekly, and founder of, which uses the tag line: Push Your Limits. Do Something Impossible.  Congrats Joel!

Sears Brands LLC, registered several “GarageHead” domain names with terms after it like: Club, DIY, Life and Pro, as well as

Bauer Hockey, Inc. has acquired The domain name held a $1,000 offering price on a for sale lander

McDonald’s Corporation registered Not sure what a Frork is but that was the way the domain was spelled.

General Mills Inc. registered They also own “the best domain”, (and have for a long time) which is redirected to the fruit snacks product list for General Mills. The original name of the fruit snacks were simply “Gushers” but the term Fruit was added. General Mills also owns that term as a domain, has been sold by HugeDomains. The domain appeared to hold a $1,495 buy now price. was just registered, by Amazon. So there is potential that the buyers of the .com were Amazon but the domain sits under whois privacy currently. Since Amazon has the Echo already, my guess is the Echo Look is a next version of some sorts? Amazon has so many domain names, it’s crazy (40,000+ and they register domains related to almost everything they announce, which seems to be daily)!, and were all registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. is for sale currently on the Uniregistry system. has been acquired by domain buyer service Marksmen for a currently unknown client but has transferred into CSC Corporate Domains. has been acquired by a Ruth Moore, who appears to be connected to Disrupt Inc. The domain name acquired via Sedo. The domain held a $8,500 buy now at Afternic, so it likely sold for that amount or around that.

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  1. Amazon is the buyer of for sure. They registered also and

    1. @CasinosVR,
      It’s only assumption that they were the buyers right now. Whois is under privacy and the domain doesn’t resolve to Amazon etc. Many companies and individuals register domain names similar to the best domain, yet do not own the EMD. Although things are pointing in the direction of Amazon as the likely buyers, I have many times seen somebody jump in early and acquire a domain prior. This is often done when a TM is filed without securing the domain name prior and many other factors like press release or an internal leak through a supplier etc.

          1. You did! Congrats! I found it first though for you to make your prediction, so I should get a little credit in your win 🙂

          2. Of course, if I just pick up the win then I’ll make a transfer to you as a info broker 🙂

  2. Amazon have that many domains but doesn’t seems to be focusing on buying EMDs which are already registered by others.

  3. Of course this is my, let’s say…”bet” about Amazon EMD ownership. Future will tell as more 🙂

    Interesting discoveries as always Jamie.

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