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Zophop Chalo

Welcome, this is Domain Movers and we focus on domain name transactions by companies around the world. These are often early indicators of new brands, rebrands, domain upgrades, new marketing efforts and much more.

Here is a very small sample of some domain name transactions detected by DotWeekly: has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain has been registered since November 2016. It appears the domain held a $1,295 buy now price via NameSilo.

Camping World has acquired from Name Administration Inc. which has been registered since 2001. The domain name held a buy now of $54,600 at the time of the transaction but the exact sales price is unknown. Gander Mountain Direct, Inc. (owned by Camping World) acquired a trademark for Cover Mate from Overton’s Inc. The TM is for Storage bags for covers for boats and marine vehicles. There are also several more Cover Mate TM’s owned by the company for Tape,

To note, Covermate Products Inc. registered in June 2017 and is redirecting that domain to which sells stretching food covers for bowls, plates etc. There trademark dates back to November 2007. & .net have been registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client via domain name aftermarket service Afternic.

Anheuser-Busch, LLC has acquired with the help of The Treadstone Group, Inc. who often help corporate clients acquire and sell domain names. has been sold by Name Administration Inc. to a currently unknown buyer, who is using a payment plan to acquire the domain. takes home $194,888 in a sale between Sedo/ to a currently unknown buyer. The domain was brokered by Sedo (they had the buyer). Many lessons to be learned here, on a domain name that recently held a buy now of $29,888 and before that $9,888. Considering that Mike Mann owns over 260,000 domains, he stays on top of things (changing markets) and updates his prices all the time. June 2017 the domain held a buy now of the mentioned $29,888 and Crypto currency has continued to gain popularity. I’m not sure the exact date, but Mike jacked up the price on the domain. I mean JACKED UP, to $994,888. Did he get lucky? Sure, but you have to ask for a high price to even have a chance to sell a domain for a high price.

Duke Clinical Research Institute has acquired at domain name aftermarket service Afternic for an undisclosed price. The domain transferred to Network Solutions, so it’s likely the domain was purchased via Afternic DLS on Network Solutions.

The Modern Group has acquired, also via Afternic for an undisclosed price. The company offers industrial equipment.

JA GROUP HOLDINGS LLC has acquired also at Afternic. This domain was owned by BuyDomains. appears to have been sold by Microsoft to Zophop Technologies Private Limited (now under whois privacy). Microsoft was redirecting the domain name to prior and it is not clear currently what Zophop’s plans are for the domain name. is redirecting to currently.

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12 thoughts on “Domain Movers:, + More

  1. Interesting comparison between (ask $1,295) & (ask $54,600). If you don’t ask for more $$ you will never get more $$.

  2. CoverMate is a much better brand name than PartsMate (it “makes more sense”, is easier to say, and has no plural recollection problem) and so is worth much more. In short, is an imperfect name.

    1. I slightly disagree Logan. The seller of partsmate(dot)com left money on the table. How much, we will never know. Partsmate is registered in more extensions than covermate including a new gtld. There is also a startup running on . It will be interesting to see who the buyer was but the seller left quite a bit of meat on the bone IMHO.

      1. At only $1,295, I agree with you they undersold. Still think CoverMate is a much better brand name independent of the domain names.

  3. Hello Jamie,
    It is becoming more and more evident that ( .COM Equimoditty Platform Legacy Owners are the Really Smart Money. By the way here is a very recent Marketing Intelligence release = Massive Buyback Cash being used to prop up US markets, to no avail. The Cos. who continue to waste their Cash troves on propping their stocks up will suffer greatly. Stupid Strategic Blunders. JAS 1/17/18
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )

  4. I’m the seller of (it sold at BIN via Afternic fast-transfer, for the record). And this “left money on the table” line I see repeated over and over is a misconception that fails to take a comprehensive view of domain investing.

    A single sale means nothing. Overall portfolio performance is everything.

    While I might have left money on the table in this case, pricing domains reasonably in the $1-2000 range lets me have a sell through of 15-20% each year (industry standard is what, 1-3%?). In my experience, 95% of buyers are unwilling or at least extremely reluctant to pay more than $1-2K for a name. So while you leave some money on the table when the 5% (CSC, Mark Mon, elite, startups flush with new vc, etc.) show up, you ultimately make a LOT more by pricing for the “masses” which enables end users to easily make the decisions to purchase your name. Why would I price for CSC, MarkMonitor and the like when they are such a tiny percentage of the buyer pool?

    I have of course tried higher pricing, but my sell-through and overall sales plummeted. There’s a reason BuyDomains, HugeDomains, and these kinds of companies mostly price names in the $1000-2000 range. They have the data to back up their pricing, and I have failed to figure out a more profitable model myself (and you can do way better than them with handpicked names vs their portfolios which is partly filled with low quality automated bot buys). Pricing names at say around $4-5K or $10-15K or $50-100K each certainly is not it. The higher your asking price, the lower your sell-through. The best move here is to price names according to what provides the highest total sales across a portfolio, not to price names so that you might be able to take as much money off the table as possible in all circumstances, at the expense of hardly moving any names at all.

    I have chosen to sell names daily, and often sell several names ever day, for $1000-2000 each (this adds up quickly), rather 2-3 names each month for say $5-10K each. In my opinion, it’s the sellers who ask for “too much” (and get it once in a blue moon) that leave the most money on the table.

    1. Thanks for explaining and I have to agree with you! Big ones pop once in awhile, the smaller ones pop much more. The hard part is finding inventory that you can buy cheap enough to sell at low prices.

    2. Thanks for the reply. We all have different strategies. If you’re happy with the sale price and your sales velocity that’s all that matters. All the best!

  5. Hello Jamie,

    There is a huge changing of the Garde, on the horizon , that will be a sea change event. To those 4000 or so Corp. listed Companies. There is a message you must heed or suffer the consequences. over the next 5 years 4000+ NEW companies (95% ( .COM Equimoditty Platform Assets ), based platform Companies will arrive. They will be competing with you. ALL wanting to eat your lunch. Word to the wise stop flushing your cash down the toilet to prop up your stocks. You will desperately need the cash to compete. JAS

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )

    1. Thank God we have Jeff here to tell us what is going to happen in the future, especially about .COM Equimoditty Platform Assets!

  6. Hello Jamie,
    We the ( .COM Equimoditty Holders ) Run Wall Street NOT Rupert Murdochs Wall Street Journal or Google/Alphabet or Apple or Amazon. JAS

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )

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