Domain Discoveries: Bayer, SquareSpace & More

Here is another and likely my last round of DotWeekly Domain Discoveries! These articles take a lot of time to write, dig the data etc. and the numbers are not adding up! These types of articles are hit and miss traffic wise for DotWeekly… I know people like reading them (from what people have told me) but they do not appear to me, to be getting the traffic they need to continue.

I like providing the info, but if it doesn’t “pay” to write them, then I will at least take a break from them or simply stop providing the data. What are your thoughts? Comments are welcome, because if I’m not hearing from you, the reader, I won’t know if you still want these articles.

With that said, here we go:


Hand registered several domain names related to: and . A lot with hyphens like and several TLD’s.

Somebody already owns the domain (singular) which was registered in 2012 but the domain is available. I would have registered the singular versions before all the crazy hyphen registrations!

General Motors

Hand registered several domains like, and with others like GM, GMC, Cadillac, Chevy and registered the domain

Somebody owns πŸ™‚

II-VI Incorporated

Purchased the domain name from BuyDomains. The domain was listed for $3,688

Valea AB

Very likely purchased the domain name . The domain was owned by Michelle Leath and used as a blog prior.

Was purchased on behalf of CSC Corporate Domains, Inc. for an unstated customer. The domain was listed for $11,000 but I am not sure of the exact price paid. Name Administration had owned the domain (Frank Schilling). Update: GeneralMills was the buyer!


Hand registered the domain name . P&G already owns the domain name, which has been registered since 2004 and they forward that domain to and the Fresh Effects skin care product.

Altra Industrial Motion

Appears to be doing something with the generic domain name that it owns. The domain didn’t appear to have a site on it and was likely forwarding, but maybe that is changing.. They have changed DNS to Network Solutions and a coming soon page (aka, parking style page really, which NSI profits from!).


I mentioned that SquareSpace founder and CEO Anthony Casalena had owned yesterday, well he also owns . Since he appears to be moving several domains to the new Google Domains, I have been able to see some domains he/SquareSpace owns… Here are a couple, .net .info

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  1. Welcome back, Jamie. Please don’t stop and try to keep your blog safe this time. Backup your blog regularly.

    Your blog posts give domaining a total different taste.

    1. Thanks Sameh! It’s backed up and going to DropBox a couple times a day! πŸ™‚ just to be sure!!

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