Corporate Domain Movers:, + More

Here are some of my latest findings of companies buying domain names from past owners that I have discovered over the past two days. Clearly there are tons more, but these are some that I picked out that grabbed my attention.

Kellogg Company acquires domain name from HugeDomains for about $2,795

Disney registers the domain name which may relate to “Pete’s Dragon” as Disney has been uploading some things to YouTube relating to the term. has secured from GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for an undisclosed amount. has potentially been sold. The domain name is owned by K&L Gates, which is a law firm. The domain name has been unlocked, which often indicates a pending transfer. This transfer can be related to a transfer to a different registrar due to a sale. Also to note, the email address in whois has been recently changed, away from a email address, to a email address, further pointing to a sale.

Athena Health, Inc. acquires with the help of Marksmen for an undisclosed amount.

Griots Republic acquires from GoDaddy/NameFind

ShopLive, LLC acquires from GoDaddy/NameFind

Warner Music acquires from GoDaddy/NameFind

Passion Pictures acquires from GoDaddy/NameFind, an upgrade from which they used. sells the domain name for an undisclosed amount.

Airbnb acquires, a domain name that has been registered since 1994 from its past owner. Airbnb is redirecting it currently to a subdomain (, which states: “Samara is a design studio at Airbnb exploring new attitudes towards sharing and trust. Samara builds hardware and software that support this direction.” You can read more about Samara here.

Airbnb used a domain name buy service to assist in acquiring the domain from its past owner.

High Performance Industries has acquired the domain name from its past owner with the help of Marksmen. Marksmen also helped a currently unknown client acquire from Pure Baby Inc. who had an active website on the domain.

Coccinelle S.P.A. has acquired generic product domain name via Sedo. This was owned by HugeDomains and had a listing price of $1,695

Telepathy Inc. appears to have sold the domain name as it has moved to privacy protection.

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