Corporate Domain Movers:, + More

Welcome to Domain Movers where DotWeekly keeps a close eye on domain names being purchased, registered, sold or moving for one reason or another, mainly all by large corporations.

Here is a sample of my latest detections:

GN HEARING A/S has acquired the domain name for its ReSound Online Hearing Test from for about $1,895.

GoDaddy sold several nice domain names out of its NameFind portfolio:,, and were just a few of the 15 they sold in a day.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has taken ownership of the domain name, which it won in a bankruptcy auction when it acquired Sports Authority Holdings Inc. assets for $15 Million.

Synergy Technologies has sold the domain name via Afternic. The buyers and purchase price are currently unknown as the domain has just went into escrow. has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC corporate domains client. The domain was owned by a Ben Drake prior. Name servers have been set to and is the only potential indication as to who the buyers may be. is owned by ING Bank N.V.

Beats/Apple Inc. registered the domain name

GoDaddy sells out of its NameFind domain portfolio. The domain had a minimum offer amount of $500,000 and likely sold for more than the minimum. They had a total of 3, NNN .com’s, all of which were from the Elite Domains domain portfolio they acquired which DotWeekly broke the news about. appears to have changed ownership. The domain was owned by a Andrew Friedman of Seattle Washington and about April 21, 2016 the whois information switched to Digitalbox LTD of the UK.

Inish Corporation has acquired its EMD via Afternic, for an undisclosed amount. has also been sold at Afternic, this was a domain name I owned several years ago (2011) and the buyer who purchased it from me, sold it.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has registered the domain name

Pfizer Inc. registered the domain names,,,,,, and adding to its domain name portfolio of over 8,500+ domain names.

Novartis AG registered the domain name adding to its 14,000+ domain names they own. There is a company called Forcare Holding B.V. who uses

CBS Radio Inc. via MarkMonitor has sold the domain name to a Glenn Smith, a domain name investor with appears to have been sold by, Ltd. to This is at least the third 3 letter .com I have seen move like this recently.

Telepathy Inc. has acquired the third letter domain name

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3 thoughts on “Corporate Domain Movers:, + More

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