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Microsoft Swivel

Welcome! This is Domain Movers. We keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report the early findings to you.

This is a very small sample of daily domain name activity surrounding businesses around the world and often indicate new brands, new advertising efforts, domain name upgrades and much more. has been acquired out of GoDaddy’s NameFind portfolio for a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. has been acquired by a currently unknown (generic whois data) SafeNames corporate client. The domain was listed for sale and registered at GoDaddy prior. which was seized by the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) back in June 2015 has reached its expire date at Network Solutions. The domain should reach NameJet for an expired auction sometime in the near future (but has not at time of posting). For now, NSI will monetize the domain name with ads on the expired domain and later profit from the domains sale (or potentially keep it).

FMC Corporation registered the domains and .net was registered by……. Netflix, Inc. Bet you didn’t guess the registrant by looking at the domain.

Warner Bros. registered with being offered by GoDaddy’s NameFind for $4,099 buy now. Will they buy it?

Microsoft has filed 3 new trademarks. Swivel is one of those TM’s and based on the filing, it appears to be something pretty big! Did they acquire There is a pretty good chance they did! On December 2nd 2016, the domain was under whois privacy but then shows ZeitGeist Corp in whois records with the domain registered at On December 3rd 2016, transfers to under whois privacy. Dynadot is a registrar that MarkMonitor uses to hide domains for clients, as I have seen many times in the past. With the new TM by Microsoft and the Dynadot movement in Dec 2016 and Microsoft uses MarkMonitor, things are lining up that they did. At this point, only time will tell though.

Rinna is another TM Microsoft just filed. That domain, is currently for sale on Uniregistry.

AI For Earth was the 3rd TM filed by Microsoft and it appears they likely registered that domain around October 21, 2016. The domain is registered at brand protection registrar service MarkMonitor, currently using generic whois data. The .net and .org were also registered at the same time.

Sealed Air Corporation has acquired from The domain has been registered since May 2011 and held an offering price of $2,095. Sealed Air offers a glassware cleaner call Beer Clean for cleaning beer glasses.

Quest Financial has acquired via Afternic. The domain held an $899 buy now. has been sold by Mike Mann’s The domain held an offering price of $24,888 and sold at Afternic. and have both transferred into CSC Corporate Domains from Home Of Domains. These are the 3rd and 4th domains fitting this pattern recently (owned by Home Of Domains and transferring into CSC. redirects to and is connected to over 12,000+ domain name. All of the domain names connected to Home Of Domains have been registered in 2017, starting in mid March, with about 12,000 at NameSilo and around 700 at GoDaddy. The domains for sale are being offered for sale via GoDaddy, sub $1K.

A for sale type landing page is on the domains, which houses an iFrame and points to, which is owned by Trnames. I am well aware of Trnames, as they chase newly filed trademarks and register the matching .com domains after they are filed. So, [email protected] and are very likely connected. Cenk Erdogan has been acquired by Marksmen for a currently undisclosed client. This is likely related to the and domain purchases, potentially for Hewitt Associates, LLC that I mentioned earlier here. This was likely a “typo” cover purchase.

Amazon Technologies, Inc. has registered a bunch of new .co domains to use for name servers. These domains are similar in nature to ones they already use. were registered (not every single one but most).

Eli Lilly and Company have acquired in some fashion (not a UDRP). Once again, a “Home Of Domains” past domain name that was registered on December 12, 2016. CSC Shows up in whois records about January 23, 2017 with generic whois data, which now has switched to Eli Lilly. Eli Lilly filed a trademark for Alymbris on December 9, 2016.

Univision Interactive Media, Inc. have acquired The domain was for sale using the Uniregistry system at the time of the sale. The domain was purchased back in April 2017 via Afternic but is just now showing Univision in whois records. has moved into with the buyers currently unknown, but this is likely an end user sale. The domain was owned by Desio, LLC prior. has been acquired by GuardSquare NV, then moving to whois privacy. The domain name held a buy now of $123,500 at the time of the sale by Frank Schilling’s Name Administration Inc. GuardSquare is a mobile application protection software and is a 2014 startup. GuardSquare does offer a product called ProGuard, which is an optimizer for Java bytecode. The company mentions the free to download tool has been downloaded “tens of millions” of times since its release in 2002.

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