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Taylor Swift Reputaytion

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Here are the latest detection’s:

Group M Worldwide, LLC acquired with the help of Comlaude. Comlaude acquired the domain on January 24, 2017 and Group M appears in whois on May 10, 2017. Group M filed a trademark on the term Finecast in June 2016. They also registered the following domains in April 2017:,,,,, and

American Express were the buyers of that I mentioned sold on August 14, 2017. They also acquired has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client, using generic whois data. Payment service Square Inc. ( are the most likely buyers. does redirect to and is owned by Square Enix Holding Co. and may be leased as noted by @GeorgeKirkos after I noted that Square Enix Holding Co were potential buyers earlier due to them being in whois on The domain name held an offering price of $14,999. The domain was for sale using Efty but sold on Afternic. has been acquired by Universal Music Enterprises. I had mentioned the domain sale back on July 10, 2017 but the buyers were unknown at that time due to generic whois data.

Unibet has appeared in whois records on The domain has been registered since 2001 and was under whois privacy before transferring to SafeNames displaying Unibet.

Synapse Systems HB has acquired at domain name aftermarket service Sedo, for $8,000 EUR ($9,440 USD).

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company has acquired at Afternic for an undisclosed amount. The company owns over 550 domain names in total and uses as its main domain name.

Health Ventures International, LLC acquired from, via Afternic.

TAS Rights Management (Taylor Swift) registered 94 new domain names related to the announcement of her upcoming album called Reputation. Terms like “Reptay” and “Reputaytion” were registered in relation to shirts, tickets and a world tour. Since several “snake” images have been released, there were also the registrations of Taylor SS Swift like, like the hiss of a snake. The more common spelling of Reputation was also used for many terms but TAS does not own There is potential that will be used to help promote the album and tour. Here is the full list of the new domains registered by TAS that I noticed:

Prior to the nearly 100 new domains registered by TAS, they owned about 115 domains prior total. So they nearly doubled that amount and put a bigger focus on this album and tour than any other in the past.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association registered and .net domains.

Treasury Wine Estates Limited registered and The company owns about 380 domain names, one of which is not

Fanplayr Inc. has acquired from Name Administration Inc. for an undisclosed amount. The domain name is currently redirecting to The company offers a segmentation engine and appears to be the reason for the domain purchase.

Oath Inc. (AOL/Yahoo/Verizon) registered the domain name

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4 thoughts on “Company Domain Movers:, + More

  1. One of the worst domain “Reputaytion” to use as their main website for new album/music. Either they should have named Reputaytion to match with their newly acquired Else using this domain will send huge traffic to already high traffic developed website
    IMO poor strategy!

    1. @AbdulBasit
      Really hard to tell what they may use out of the large batch they registered. I just picked that one out, simply because it was the “closest” to Reputation. I do agree though as the “sounds like” part of any branding would hurt them. Most were likely just registered for brand protection and I’d be surprised if they actually use more than 2-3 of the nearly 100 registered.

      1. Closest match seems to be and but still crappy names IMO.
        With another 100 or so domains you mentioned in today’s post, those are another bunch of worthless names. Seems she doesn’t have the right team at least for this department.

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