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This is Domain Movers! We focus on company related domain name transactions and report these findings to you. These are early detection’s and often reflect domain name upgrades, new brands, new advertising and marketing efforts and more.

Here is a very small sample of domain name activity by my companies around the world.

Gelato AS has acquired from its past owners. The company offers book printing services. The domain has been registered since 2000.

Thomson Reuters Global Resources Unlimited Company has acquired from Internet Real Estate LTD. The transaction took place around June 16, 2017 and the domain transferred to Dynadot under whois privacy and has since transferred into MarkMonitor displaying Thomson Reuters.

OMS Investments, Inc. (Scott’s) registered two new domains. Those were and

Yamaha Bicycle was a focused term for 28 newly registered domain names. It’s not clear that Yamaha directly registered these domains with whois being generic but they were registered at CSC Corporate Domains. The domains relate to electric bikes and power assist bicycles. A few examples of the registrations include:,,, Then we see some potential “models” with,,,, and Then we see the “kind” of bike:,,, and

Facebook Inc. has acquired the 2 character domain name to go along with its F8 developers conference. Facebook used Lovells International LLP as it often does to help acquire its domain names. The domain name has been registered since July 6, 1995 and joins over 3,500 other Facebook owned domain names. The domain appears to have been acquired around April 3, 2017 when whois came out of privacy and displayed Hogan Lovells at Network Solutions. Facebook now appears in whois records.

Facebook was using prior to acquiring, so this was a domain name upgrade for them.

Mars Incorporated registered the domain name & .us and & .us

Microsoft Corporation registered & .net

Travelzoo Inc. has acquired from its past owner. The domain was for sale using the Uniregistry system and has been registered since November 1998. Travelzoo transferred the domain from Uniregistry to Network Solutions.

The College Board has acquired The domain was for sale earlier this year via Sedo but I was not able to find the sales price. Currently, is forwarding to for the not-for-profit organization.

GoDaddy sold several domain names out of its NameFind portfolio. A few of those include:,, and has been acquired by domain buying service Marksmen Inc. for a currently unknown buyer.

Hornet Networks Ltd acquired at domain name aftermarket service Sedo. The gay social network uses currently as its main website.

Medeia Inc. has acquired at domain name aftermarket service for an undisclosed amount.

Bosley, Inc. registered two new domain names and those were and The company owns over 600 domain names currently.,,,, and were all registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. .car and .cars gTLD domains cost around $2K (upwards of nearly $3K at some domain registrars. $2,699.99 at 101Domain for an example) a year for registration, those two domains cost over $4K+ (likely nearly $5K+) just to register! Crazy! has been registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. has been acquired by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. The domain was grabbed on the drop on May 20, 2017 at Pheenix by a domain investor.

General Motors LLC registered & .net as well as

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