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Welcome to Domain Movers! We keep track of corporate domain name transactions and report those findings to you. These early detection’s are often related to branding, marketing and advertising efforts by companies around the world.

Here are the latest domain movements detected:

Biogen Inc. registered adding to the 1,700 other domain names they own.

Spaceship Financial Services Pty Ltd has acquired almost the perfect domain, via domain name aftermarket service Sedo. The Australian company currently uses and is an m away from a really great domain, which Jack And Sarah Miller own,!

IBM has sold the domain name, which has been acquired by gaming company Roblox Corporation. The domain name has been registered since August 1995. This was likely a solid sale, as large companies like IBM often have a lot of money and are not interested in selling the domain names they own, unless a significant offer is made. Roblox picked up $99.2 million in funding in March 2017 and was founded in March 2005. IBM held a Blox trademark from 1997 until 2014 for computer software but let it lapse in 2014. My son is a daily player of Roblox and I join in the game from time to time as well. has been acquired by RareCompany AG at domain after market service Afternic from Tungsten Branding, Inc.

Landesk has rebranded to Ivanti (ivanti) and acquired the EMD, which according to whois history records, took place around September 25, 2016 when the domain moved into whois privacy protection. The Ivanti trademark was filed September 24, 2016 but likely wasn’t published at the time of the domain purchase from its past owner.

Unknown MarkMonitor client registered several game related domains. Those included:,,, and the biggest plays were on .net .org .us, .net .org .us and .org .us .tv and .us

Eastman Chemical Company registered, adding to the 2,000+ domain names they already own.

Showtime Networks Inc. has sold the domain name, which was offered for sale by the registrar they use, MarkMonitor. The domain held a $3,500 buy now price and was listed for sale on June 21, 2016. which I mentioned earlier had been acquired but the buyers were unknown at the time, Sony Mobile Communications AB were the buyers.

Pentair, Inc. has acquired, a domain name that has been registered since 2009.

Unilever Plc registered the domain, adding to the 7,000+ they already own.

Microsoft continues to register new domain names, something they had taken a break from for awhile. This time around, the new registrations focus on “AirBand” with and .us registered. .net .org .us .biz. Then .net .org .us .biz. and .net were also registered.

OMS Investments, Inc. (Scott’s Miracle-Gro) have acquired via domain name aftermarket service for an undisclosed amount. The Scott’s brand has been using for it’s GRO connected yard offering, which may be a potential use or potentially something for Miracle-Gro., which was potentially acquired for around $188,000 in April 2017 as reported by and acquired by, has for some reason, moved into RedemptionPeriod status? The domain was registered out until 2021 after Marksmen helped acquired the domain. The domain was renewed out to December 13, 2021 on April 26, 2017 to be exact, so this would almost appear to be a “force delete” to cause this status? Something odd for sure. Here is a screenshot directly from the .com registry: whois redemptionperiod,,, and have been registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. is a healthcare staffing service offering and they appear to have acquired the domain somewhat recently.

Viacom International Inc. registered,,,,,,, and

Amazon registered the domain name Warner Bros owns

Amazon also registered :,, and They continued with and .net, and .net and and .net

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