Company Domain Movers From Apple, Skrill & More

Here is a rare Sunday addition of DotWeekly Domain Discoveries from large companies that have purchased or registered domain names. I rarely can dig up enough information to do a weekend article like this and I was able to dig enough information for both Saturday and today Sunday!

Here we go with today’s domain movers that I was able to dig up today:

Skrill Limited

Hand registered a couple domain names that included and . Skrill was once MoneyBookers but started a rebrand in 2011 to Skrill. Skrill is an online payment
service. was purchased at on 2/14/2011 for $3,988.


Very likely registered the domain names and Not sure yet as to why they would register these domains and the only similar relation that I could find
related to Microsoft Windows Azure.

CSC Corporate Domains Client

Very likely purchased the domain name from for about $1,595. The domain was registered on 12/18/2013 by HugeDomains who is a huge player in the dropcatching of domains often relating to “NameBright” one of many registrars they own.  The Ruberry

CitizenHawk, Inc.

Citizen Hawk is a brand protection company. The firm’s primary services include Corporate Domain Management, Online Brand Protection and Global Domain Recovery. This is the first time that
I heard of them… but it appears they have likely purchased the domain name likely for KidKraft LP. The domain was listed for sale for $1,960 via

Even though this is the first time that I have heard of them, they appear to have some large clients based on domains they have “recovered” (Maybe they should buy my domain  Ha Ha). Potential clients based on some of those domains would be The Home Depot, Edmunds, Jos A Bank, iStockphoto, Aeropostale, Barnes and Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond and many more.

Facebook, Inc.

Likely registered or purchased several domain names like and, and Hack is a programming language for HHVM that
interoperates seamlessly with PHP. was registered on 7/20/2013 and was registered at (Tucows). All of the domains mentioned above transferred to MarkMonitor and went directly to Facebook servers but were on servers. It would be pretty odd for FB to “register” these domains at Hover…. so without having whois history access at DomainTools, it’s hard for me to be able to tell who registered them at Hover. With that being said, I have seen companies just register the “.org” of domains and leave the .com / .net available, which is a mistake and will likely cost the company down the road if they end up needing the .com / .net / .org combination. This may have happened. is the “main site” used and was also registered 7/20/2013 and appears to have only been with one registrar through its life and that is with MarkMonitor.

Apple Inc.

Which really has had zero activity domain wise that I have seen for a pretty long time, finally did a little action. Nothing really exciting from what I can tell…. but they hand
registered one domain name and that domain is: . This domain was registered before so that may be the reason Apple grabbed it. It is also very likely not related to
the “boring” old “screen saver”… but likely related to the clear protective screen protectors for iphones.

Apple also appears to have used Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP to legally obtain the domain name in some way.

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